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List with the best winter perfumes for men and women

The best winter perfumes for men and women

With the drop in temperatures come new trends in clothing, makeup and of course in perfumes ideal for this season. Warm, cosy and even Christmas scents that will captivate you.

We bring you a selection of the best winter perfumes to enjoy this season full of magic. For men, women and unisex, take note!

Winter perfumes for women

DIVAIN 542, similar to Black Orchid by Tom Ford

We start the TOP of the best winter perfumes for women with one of our most claimed jewels. DIVAIN-542, similar to Black Orchid by Tom Ford  is a mysterious, elegant and perfect fragrance for the night. Its floral and fruity notes blend with a warm background of irresistible essences such as vanilla, chocolate and white musk. A journey of unique sensations.

DIVAIN 091, similar to Alien by Thierry Mugler

DIVAIN-091, similar to Alien by Thierry Mugler has been designed for a powerful, feminine and seductive woman. A very oriental winter scent that begins with an elegant note of jasmine that gives way to a woody heart to merge into an intoxicating background starring amber. Without a doubt, a perfume of those who leave a mark.

DIVAIN-167, similar to Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Like a bright light in the middle of the darkest night is DIVAIN-167, similar to Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, one of our most desired and admired perfumes. It stands out for its warm, sweet and vanilla scent that combines perfectly with these cold months. Ideal for restless women who dare with everything and try to make the most of every second of their lives.

Best winter perfumes for men

Winter perfumes for men

DIVAIN 295, similar to Noir Extrême by Tom Ford

As for the best perfumes for men in winter our first recommendation is DIVAIN-295, similar to Noir Extrême by Tom Ford. An exotic scent that captures the male sensuality and has an overwhelming personality. After seducing you with its spicy top notes, it envelops you in an explosive heart that highlights floral notes such as rose, jasmine or orange blossom. To top it off, a cozy base of woody essences such as amber, sandalwood and vanilla. So addictive that you won't want to let go.

DIVAIN-048, similar to Fahrenheit by Dior

If you are looking for something original and unexpected for your winter, we have what you need. DIVAIN-048, similar to Fahrenheit by Dior for men is a real revolution, a symbol of extravagance that will leave you with your mouth open. Its olfactory pyramid is full of intense, but very pleasant contrasts that will conquer your sense of smell.

DIVAIN 025, similar to Code by Armani

A combination of citrus and woody accords that gives rise to an elegant and sensual perfume made for the contemporary man. DIVAIN-025, similar to Code by Armani, begins with a top note of bergamot and lemon that blends with a heart of anise, olive blossom and gaiac wood. To finish, an intense background of leather, tobacco and tonka bean that gives strength and personality. Although use it in winter is very good option, this aroma is timeless so it will also fit very well with other times of the year.

Top with the most desired winter fragrances for women

Unisex winter perfumes for everyone

DIVAIN-196, similar to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

DIVAIN-196, similar to Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is one of our best-selling perfumes. And no wonder, because its combination of notes creates a totally unforgettable trail. A cocktail of spicy notes, tobacco, vanilla, cocoa and nuts that create a very natural unisex fragrance that will make you fall in love as soon as it touches your skin.

DIVAIN-296, similar to Black Afghan by Nasomatto

If you want something exclusive and limited with which to highlight in winter, DIVAIN-296 similar to Black Afghani of Nasomatto is your soul mate. It has marked a before and after in the world of perfume to combine in the same fragrance notes of cannabis, coffee, tobacco, incense and oud wood. Do you dare to try it?

DIVAIN-909, similar to Back to Black by Kilian

Finally and to close this TOP of the best perfumes to use in winter, we recommend our star perfume of the Black Edition DIVAIN-909, similar to Back to Black by Kilian. A sweet and enigmatic scent never seen before, full of warmth and freshness at the same time, as exciting as it is surprising. As exciting as it is surprising, you'll love it!

How to choose the best winter perfume

Finally, we want to give you a couple of tips that we think are quite important when choosing your winter perfume:

  • Summer is the time for light and fresh scents. In winter, on the other hand, you can go for heavier scents. Perfumes fade faster in the colder months (due to the dryness of your skin), so choosing a more intense scent will ensure that it stays with you for longer.
  • The base notes of a perfume are more important in the winter months, since they are composed of the most intense aromas, or what is the same, are the most durable. Patchouli, amber, vanilla, sandalwood... and woods in general, are common notes that you will regularly find in winter perfumes.
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