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The best looks for a casual dinner with friends

The best looks for a casual dinner with friends

Meetings with friends are the best time to enjoy a fun evening sharing anecdotes and memories. If you have one pending very soon and you still don't know what to wear, take a look at these tips and looks that we propose. Comfortable, but elegant, these outfits are ideal for a casual dinner in good company.

By the way! In this article we recommend other basic outfit ideas for women for any occasion. Discover them!

Leggings with long shirt

Go for black or brown leggings that highlight your legs. If you dare with something more striking, you can go for red leggings.

Add to your look a white ruffled shirt for a more elegant touch and don't forget some high-heeled shoes that further stylize your figure. If it is winter, replace the shirt with a long neck sweater and enjoy a pleasant and cozy evening with your friends.

Finally, complement the outfit with an oversize brown or black bag and don't forget a perfume that matches the moment. Here you will find THE 10 BEST PERFUMES YOUNG WOMEN that will make you fall in love.

Look to go out to dinner with friends in summer or winter

Cardigan and tennis

If you have a cardigan in your closet, that special dinner with friends is the best occasion to show it off. Combine it with a smooth and fitted dress and add your favorite converse or tennis shoes to surprise with an informal look, but very very sensual.

Leather pants with blazer

If you want to feel sexy and elegant at dinner with your friends, what better way than to choose some black leather pants that enhance your body. Add that casual touch with a basic tee or shirt and complement the look with a small bag on a silver chain. Finally, loosen your hair and go for a nude makeup look that highlights your natural beauty.

Dress with print

Go with a plain or patterned dress, add a belt and cowboy boots. This look is one of the most flattering for the fall season, although if you chose it to go out in summer, we recommend that you replace the boots with open sandals.

On the other hand, if it is autumn or winter you can choose to give it a modern touch by adding a V-neck or circular neck sweater. Also, to dress more sexy and rocker, take a black leather jacket that will combine with any pattern and color. Of course, give your look a scent with one of the the best perfumes for Autumn season that we recommend here. Warm and welcoming aromas ideal for this season.

Tips and casual outfits for meetings with friends

Blouse with bell bottoms

The black flared pants stylize and are perfect on all types of bodies. Add to your informal outfit a blouse or shirt with white buttons and a black bag that you will surely find easily in your closet. In a few minutes you will have achieved a 'black and white look' to succeed at night. Comfortable, feminine and very attractive.

Of course, don't forget to choose high-heeled boots or platform sandals that will highlight your legs even more.

Slip dress

This dress is one of the most sought after garments, since in addition to being very comfortable, it is easy to combine. Although it is ideal for summer, there are many celebrities who have shown that other times of the year, such as autumn or spring, are perfect to wear it. In your informal dinner with friends, do not hesitate to put it on, it will give a feminine and delicate touch to your look. Also, if it is the halftime season, you can combine it with a sweater, a cardigan or a blazer.

Wide jeans with sneakers

This look for dining with friends is one of the most comfortable and simple that we propose. Pair a basic blouse or t-shirt with your favorite baggy jeans (if they are ripped jeans they will add a very attractive modern touch). Complete the outfit with a pair of white platform sneakers or sneakers. You will get an urban style, but elegant.

Bright and cheerful colors

For a dinner full of laughter and fun moments, what better than to wear your most cheerful and colorful outfit. Open your wardrobe and choose the garments with the most vivid colors that you find. Combine reds with yellows, greens with reds, oranges with blues, pink with burgundy, etc ... The possibilities are endless. The important thing is that your look knows how to convey the joy of the moment.

DIVAIN-053, similar to Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana, is our best recommendation for this cheerful and youthful style. You are going to love it!

Vintage or boho style

Give a different touch to the look and get a boho or vintage style combining it with those accessories that you have abandoned in the closet. A hat, a headscarf, a bag with a print ... These small details are what will make the difference. Dare yourself!

Remember that to all these looks you can add a bright touch with some jewelery, but without being too flashy. The goal is for your natural beauty to stand out above all else. We hope that you enjoy a lot with your friends and that you succeed with any of these looks that we have recommended;)

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