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The perfect aroma to start autumn on the right foot

The perfect aroma to start autumn on the right foot

Autumn has started just a couple of weeks ago, and with it comes the change of wardrobe, adapting the makeup bag to the new needs of your skin, and of course, a change of perfume. The aromas that appeal to us in each season are different, and with the arrival of autumn the fresh aromas of summer give space to others that are deeper and with more character.

New perfume DIVAIN-601, similar to Idôle by Lancome

There are some olfactory families that enjoy all-around success, as is the case with the aromas that belong to the Chypre Floral family. The fundamental characteristic is its composition, in which stand out highlights of cistum-labdanum, oak moss, patchouli and bergamot. They are very easy-to-remember aromas, due to their strong character

Chypre perfumes can be presented without any mixture, giving us very intense and deep aromas. But it is very common in feminine perfumes to combine various families. This is how a mixture with floral aromas gave birth to the Chypre Floral family. In it the two families are blended, giving a feminine floral touch to a family with more herbal tones. Oak moss and rose give out very different notes, but with both coming from a natural origin, the result is simply perfect.

The perfect aroma to start autumn on the right foot, DIVAIN-601, similar to Idôle by Lancôme

So, for this season of the year in which the colours of nature are turning warmer, in contrast to the temperatures, we propose a new aroma charged with energy, perfect for the feminine and contemporary woman: our similar perfume DIVAIN-601, similar to Idôle by Lancôme.

Get to know the details of this stylish perfume

Its fresh and green head of bergamot and pear gives way to a floral heart of Turkish rose, rose de Mai and Indian jasmine, which gives a fresh touch to this bouquet of roses. It finishes with a well-rounded and elegant white musk and touch of vanilla, which gives the perfect finishing touch to this unique perfume.

This perfume is definitely an aroma which idolizes the modern woman, she who seeks to overcome her limits and whose idol is herself. At the same time, this powerful woman is looking for a delicate aroma, but one that won’t go unnoticed, that empowers her and surrounds her with a bright and delicate sensation.

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