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Colours that are in style for Autumn-Winter 2019

Colours (and perfumes) that are in style for Autumn-Winter 2019

For most of us, the summer days of heat and smiles are over.

Autumn is waiting for us, crouching around the corner, and the closet, little by little, is beginning to fill up with clothes for colder weather.

But how can you choose clothes for this season and be sure to hit the mark?

With the help of the Pantone Institute, and its 2019 Autumn-winter report, of course. :) Pantone’s palette for this year’s cold month is sophisticated, radiant and fun.

And at DIVAIN we will match perfumes with each stylish colour, so that you only have to choose how you feel each morning and can hit the street with your complete look.

How should you perfume the Autumn-winter colours of Pantone for 2019?

Among the 12 proposed colours, we present you our favourites, to add a brilliant spark to the greyest days. Forget those sad and muted colours!

Pantone colors for Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 Blog DIVAIN, similar perfumes

What woman will you be this autumn?

We have presented you our selection of our favourite colours and aromas for 2019’s colder season.

What style will you choose?

The best thing is that you don’t have to close yourself off from anything, because you have lots of options to choose from: sophisticated, mysterious, daring or elegant. You decide!

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