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The 7 Best French Perfumes for Women

The 7 Best French Perfumes for Women

Paris is the capital of the world of perfumes. This title didn’t just fall from heaven, it’s no surprise that in Paris you find perfume museums or that the perfumers who live there create aromas as if they were composing melodies. Paris is a living history of perfumes, and that’s why today we want to talk to you about the 7 best French perfumes for women according to the criteria of a fragrance addict.


Another symbol of elegance, femininity and beauty. To speak of Dior perfumes is to speak of the aroma of France, and among its magnificent fragrances we have chosen J’Adore (DIVAIN-063), a luxurious perfume which exalts the femininity and sensuality of French women.

Yves Saint Laurent

What would the world of fashion be without Yves Saint Laurent? It’s not only style, it’s also luxury, creativity, individualism… And we couldn’t leave out their perfume Opium (DIVAIN-115), a very opulent and idyllic aroma, ideal for a night of passion.


This French house has almost two centuries of history linked to beauty. Guerlain perfumes were the first to become icons and their fame has continued into our days. We chose La Petite Robe Noire (DIVAIN-162), a sweet and mischievous fragrance, for the woman who captivates with just a smile and who treats life like a party.


All of this brand’s products carry with them a touch of French enchantment. Lancôme has brought new fragrances to the market since they began their journey, and from the first moment has delighted their audience. We have chosen Trésor (DIVAIN-082), an aroma inspired by love, and isn’t Paris the capital of love? And we haven’t been able to forget La Vie Est Belle (DIVAIN-093), a marvellously detailed fragrance, for the optimistic and dynamic woman.


This was the first house of fashion to design three-quarter coats and skirts with pockets. But its true fame didn’t come until it started selling its women’s perfumes. Mademoiselle Rochas (DIVAIN-192) is, in our opinion, the best of all, pure romanticism in a bottle of perfume.

Nina Ricci

In spite of its Italian origin, this is a French Brand and its perfume L’Air du Temps (DIVAIN-507) is a complete icon of the perfume making of this country. A floral aroma, sweet and unforgettable, for the romantic and elegant woman.


This brand’s name comes from a small bird from Camarga. Cacharel perfumes are eternally feminine, playful, happy, and full of energy and sweetness. Among them Anaïs Anaïs (DIVAIN-111) is a legend, an aroma for your dreams to be fulfilled.

And that is our list of the 7 best French perfumes. Perhaps we have made some unpardonable omission? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your opinion.

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