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List with the best things to carry in your travel suitcase

What to pack: 8 essentials for your trip

Leaving home and organizing a trip or a getaway to disconnect is the wish of almost everyone at any time of the year. So that your suitcase is perfect, and you do not lack the essential items for any situation, we give you some tips that will be very useful.

What to pack in the essential suitcase

Being able to carry a carry-on bag that exudes style and in which nothing is missing is not an impossible mission! Try that, even if the destination of your trip is a beach, city or mountain, your suitcase never lacks the essential items that adapt to any situation.

Here below we tell you what to bring in your suitcase or hand luggage: necessary, basic and essential. Take note of this list and enjoy your trip!

Jeans: a basic among the basics

One of the essential things that you have to put in your travel suitcase are jeans. The most comfortable and basic way to create the outfits which will never fail you. Also, do not forget about other items of clothing so basic that you can use for any occasion such as a white shirt, a sweater, a short-sleeved shirt or shorts.

If you go to the mountains, you can also include more comfortable pants in your suitcase and a denim shirt to take some photos in the cowboy style. Take a look at our post about how to combine a denim shirt and find the best looks for you.

What to bring essential in your suitcase or hand luggage and other tips

Some flip-flops and a swimsuit

They take up little space and you never know when you can use them. Your flip-flops can be useful to go to the beach, to the pool, to a lake lost in the mountains, to enjoy the jacuzzi you have on the hotel terrace, etc ...

For this reason, we also recommend that you at least always carry a swimsuit or bikini with you. Although it is winter, there are saunas, spas, thermal water pools and a lot of charming places to disconnect where you may need them.

A perfume to create memories

It is proven that aromas bring back memories and that is why we believe that it is essential that you take your perfume with you. If you are going to travel by plane or do not want to carry your 100ml bottle in your hand luggage, you can always get our Perfume Atomizer. You can recharge it as many times as you want and take it to any destination without taking up space.

Discover our wide catalogue of equivalence perfumes. Find scents similar to your favorites, take them with you on a trip and fall in love!

Items to pack before going on vacation


No matter what time you travel, the sun can appear at any time during the round trip or during your stay at your chosen destination. Whether you are going to do a purely tourist trip, you are going to spend a few days in the mountains or to enjoy a vacation in front of the sea, sunglasses are the accessory that you can never miss.

A basic medicine kit

In this list of what to take in your suitcase or hand luggage, you cannot miss the first aid kit or basic toiletry bag: betadine, plasters, gauze, mosquito repellent, stomach protectors, hydroalcoholic gel and antihistamines. These basics can get you out of trouble quickly.

Likewise, if they are from very distant countries, we recommend that you consult with your trusted doctor to find out what vaccines or medications you may need before the trip.

A sleep mask and earplugs

If the light bothers you when sleeping or the noise prevents you from falling asleep, it is best if you have an eye mask and earplugs on hand during your trip. In this way, you will be able to fully rest in the evening if you are staying in a very touristy area or full of nightclubs.

Charger and adapter

If you want to take the best photos during your stay, it is necessary that you have a battery in your mobile phone at all times. Therefore, one of the things that you cannot forget at home is the charger. This is also very important if you are in an unknown country in which they do not speak your language, since you will be able to use the translator or the GPS in case you get lost.

Also, before traveling make sure that in the country you are going to, they use the same plugs as in yours. If not, you should find out how to get an adapter/plug before starting the trip to avoid any unforeseen events.

Cash and currency exchange

Finally, another of the basic things that you cannot miss is cash. If you travel to other countries, it is possible that when withdrawing money at a bank or paying directly with a credit card in an establishment, you may have to assume certain costs for commissions. If the currency of the destination you are traveling to is different, make the change in your country of origin, but never at the airport, since there the taxes that will be applied will be very high.

Similarly, even if you travel within your own country, always carry some money in your wallet, as there may be areas, towns or stores that do not accept card payments.

Following our advice and carrying all these essentials on the list in your suitcase or hand luggage, in addition to your documentation and passport, you will make sure to avoid any unforeseen events and you will only have to worry about enjoying and creating unforgettable moments. Good trip!

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