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Why do you use perfume?

Why do you use perfume?

Perfume is one of the most sought-after and desired beauty products. A luxury that everyone likes to enjoy and something that we just can’t get away from. Not surprising, given that scents can transport us back to our happiest childhood memories, bring back memories obscured by nostalgia and even conjure up the image of  a loved one in our minds that is so realistic, it’s as if they were there with you.

Smells go on an intense journey from the individual notes that make up a fragrance, through our bodies, where they arrive directly to the heart of our brains: the hypothalamus. The place where memories reside, the part of our brain where we can find our deepest desires and most irrational passions.

That’s why, every time you walk down the street and someone passes you, wearing a familiar perfume, your senses come alive, inducing feelings from deep within your memory. The sweet warmth that comes from a pleasant memory creates a deep sense of well-being. Sometimes a smell might surprise us, because it unexpectedly awakens emotions that we thought we had forgotten about.

And this essential trick with perfume can be used in our favour, too. Choose the perfume that best suits your body’s natural scent. Leave a lasting mark on anyone who comes close to you. Without hardly realising it, you will be the memory that comes alive in someone else’s mind every time they come across your charismatic fragrance.

Perfume and Personality

So, every morning, I take my time in deciding what smell I’m going to take with me that day. As soon as I get out of bed, I think about what look I’m going for that day, how I’m going to present myself to the world. I choose which clothes and which shoes to put on, I choose the best accessories for a simple outfit, not too excessive, but sophisticated; one that shows everyone what I am, who I am.

Before leaving the house, I never forget my perfume. Which one am I going to take today? Whose memory am I going to make a mark on today?

The perfume I choose is what makes me who I am, my first introduction and the sweetest goodbye. A trail I leave behind, that makes me unforgettable, unique. A feeling that is out of this world, that can occur at any moment in time, in the depths of your heart. A memory that comes alive when you’re least expecting it, waiting around any corner

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