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Women's perfumes that drive men crazy. Men and women dressed in black, elegant, on a black background. The man is behind the woman and smells her neck from behind. The woman bends her neck and closes her eyes.

Which women’s perfumes drive men crazy?

Normally sight and touch are considered the senses that dominate attraction and desire, but the sense of smell also plays an extremely important role. That’s why the power of a feminine perfume can become a weapon of seduction that is able to trap in its wake any who smell it.

Many perfumes are designed to act as aphrodisiacs, which they do thanks to the notes they contain. But, which ones are they? The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago has performed a study in which they have analysed some of them:

1. Vanilla

For centuries vanilla has been considered a natural aphrodisiac. A sweet aroma that promotes sensuality and euphoria. Try DIVAIN-155, similar to Hypnotic Poison EDP by Dior; or DIVAIN-163, similar to Shalimar by Guerlain; both with a base which contains vanilla.

2. Orange

Apparently the aroma of oranges has a strong power of attraction for men, since it evokes positive thoughts. Try DIVAIN-071, similar to Code by Armani with Italian orange and bitter orange among its central notes.

3. Lavender

Its characteristic aroma promotes masculine desire. It was long believed that lavender had an aphrodisiac effect, which is why all the women of the 19th century perfumed their beds with the flower, because it was thought that it promoted in men the desire to stay.

We suggest one of the latest editions of luxury perfumes, DIVAIN-602, similar to Libre by Yves Saint Laurent, with lavender among its central notes, or DIVAIN-111, similar to Anaïs Anaïs by Cacharel.

4. Lilly of the valley

The lily of the valley, or muguet is a central European plant. Its delicate white flower exudes a light and subtle odour that men love. Some of our perfumes that contain lily of the valley are DIVAIN-554, similar to Diorissimo by Dior or DIVAIN-052, similar to Be Delicious by DKNY.

5. Jasmine

You can also opt for a classic aphrodisiac: jasmine, which possesses one of the most sensual aromas within perfume-making. The warm and floral notes of jasmine hold a great power of attraction for men.

You can find it in our DIVAIN-120, similar to Elie Saab Le Parfum by Elie Saab, or DIVAIN-066, similar to Rush by Gucci, whose central notes are dominated by jasmine.

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