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Find out when to cut your hair according to the moon and its phases so that it grows healthy and strong

When to cut your hair according to the phases of the moon

Despite the fact that the moon is 384,000 km from the earth, many experts say that the phase of the moon can influence the tides, moods and even the chances of getting pregnant. This is due to magnetic forces and is actually supported scientifically. Did you know though..... that cutting your hair on a full moon makes it grow faster and stronger?

We know what you are thinking, but yes, it's true. The moon can influence how your hair grows just as it influences plants and crops. If you continue reading, you will find some very interesting health and beauty tips regarding how and when to cut your hair according to the moon and its phases. Are you curious?

When to cut your hair according to the lunar calendar so that it grows faster

New Moon

This stage in the lunar calendar is one of the most important. It signifies beginnings, the renewal of life, initiatives and long lasting projects. It is therefore one of the best stages for a bold hair cut or a good time to try colouring your hair.

In this phase, the moon is between the Earth and the sun. The visible side does not receive light and is seen during the day, but rarely at night. These are the best days to cut your hair if you are looking for a radical change.

If you are making any changes whether it is a new style or a change of colour, wait for the moon to become visible in the sky during the day. The new Moon will ensure the beautiful healthy hair, leaving it strong and shiny.

Crescent Moon

The crescent moon indicates growth and maturity. During this period of the lunar calendar, the moon is fully illuminated by the sun and we can see it all night. If you are considering some new styling options, these few days are the best, as this part of the lunar calendar tends to promote good strong growth from the root keeping your new style in full health! This is a great time to get a trim if you are feeling indecisive about a style change.

Beauty tips on when to cut your hair according to the moon

Full Moon

The full moon, is the best time in the lunar calendar for health and beauty treatments as well as giving hair volume. At this point in it's calendar it is known as the moon of emotions and romance. It is one of the most intense lunar phases and is the best phase to be styling your hair differently. When cut at this stage of the calendar you may find your hair growth is faster.

Cutting your hair on a full moon is ideal if you are aiming for the perfect look. If your intention is to make a radical change or use products for certain hair care treatments then get it done in this moon phase. You can benefit from the effects of the full moon from 6 in the morning until 12 noon.

Waning Moon

The days of the waning moon are best for the renewal of the roots and a change of color, since the hair fibres are strengthened and regenerated during this phase. It is not advisable, however to cut your hair during a waning moon, especially if you don't have much patience, as it will take longer to grow.

At this point the moon takes on the semicirclular shape again and can be seen in the sky around midnight. Although during these days hair can take longer to grow, it does grow stronger. That makes this a good point in the calendar to try a different colour. The waning moon will help you shed any weak and dull hair. It is also an ideal moon phase to treat the scalp and keep it hydrated with the right products.

Remember that during the year there are 13 new moons which occur in 28 day cycles. In each moon phase there is a different and very particular vibration produced by magnetic forces.

Don't forget that hair care concerns are not exclusive to women and men will benefit from these tricks too. So next time you are styling your hair and wondering whether to use new colour products, what day to schedule your next hair cut or when to book a health retreat, or even how best to accentuate your natural beauty have the lunar calendar handy!

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