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 Best ideas and outfits to make a black dress

What to wear with that little Black Dress - Ideas and makeup tips

The little black dress (LBD) is a classic and a mandatory item of clothing in every woman's life. The LBD can be mixed with so many different accessories and colours that you can create a lot of different looks and styles to create an outfit that is in fashion and suits every occasion. From the most sensual and smart outfits to the most informal or casual style the little black dress outfit is a winner.

If you just bought a black dress, but you are unsure what to wear with it read on and we will give you some ideas and outfits to wear that will inspire you.

4 Ideas for your black dress outfit

As we have said, with a little black dress you can create infinite outfits. From the parties with a new black leather dress, to simple and fresh designs perfect for any casual situation paired with a jacket and a casual bag.

Regardless of the type of dress you have in your wardrobe, here are a few new ideas to plant some new images in your mind about what you can do to jazz up that dress.

Tips on what makeup to wear with ablack dressWith Heeled Shoes

There is no better way to wear a black dress and stylise your silhouette than by combining it with some heeled shoes that are in fashion. A woman wearing black and heels looks empowered, strong and sensual. One style that never fails is to pair a tight black dress with a pair of gold heels.

Boots and tights for a winter look

If you are looking for a winter look for the cooler days of the year, a black dress can be a great option. Forget the cold and put on your little dress with some tights and a coat. Why not add a pair of boots or ankle boots in a contrasting colour such as brown or even red if you want some wow factor. Mix it up according to your style, match your boots with the same coloured scarf and bag or even where some colourful patterned fashion tights to be really out there. You can always browse some images on pinterest to get some ideas to go with your LBD.

A splash of colour

Well they say that an outfit is not complete without some colour. If this happens to you with your black dresses and you feel they are boring and monotone, we remind you that you can always add a fun and personal touch with any colour that comes to mind. They don't just have to be your shoes or boots, you can add a scarf to your hair, a colourful necklace and even a multi- coloured bag or belt or what about a bright red leather jacket!

Black in Summer

Many say that during the summer you shouldn't wear dark clothes, but that does not have to be the case. As long as you use the right fabric ladies can be very cool in black clothes in the sun. To combine your look and make it summery, combine it with sneakers or sandals and collect your hair in a scruffy ponytail.

What to wear with a black dress based on your personality and styleThe Best Makeup for a Black Dress

Combining a dress with accessories is not the only thing that we should pay attention to when creating our outfit. It is also important to think about what makeup to use to bring out the best of your beautiful face.

They say that good makeup makes you feel good and here are some ideas that can help you show off your black dress even more. Don't forget to apply a makeup base that matches your skin tone to begin.

For your eyes you can either keep them simple or go for a more dramatic look depending on the occasion and the time of day. Try to always use mascara and a discreet liner that adds depth to your eyes.

The best way to paint your lips with your black dress is by using nude tones that allow other parts of your look to gain prominence. However, if you want a seductive, black tie or party style, go for a bright red.

As you can see, there are many options regarding what to wear with your black dress. Make the most of this classic item of clothing and find a spectacular style to suit you and that turn some heads.

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