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What the olfactory pyramid is and how to interpret it

What the olfactory pyramid is and how to interpret it

You know that fragrances have their own olfactory notes. Our brains are in charge of recognizing and categorizing the odors because our limbic system is really very important. We perfumers call it the olfactory brain because it can provoke emotions and magical feelings. We’ll explain to you what the olfactory pyramid is and how to interpret it.

The olfactory pyramid of perfumes

As you surely know, a perfume doesn’t have the same aroma and intensity all day long. The fragrance evolves and its characteristics can change. Really, the olfactory pyramid refers to this aromatic process and explains how some odors give way to others.


This is the first dose of contact that we have with the perfume. The head notes are the first to reach our sense of smell, and for that reason tend to be softer and more volatile. When testing a perfume, it is what we will first smell, and for that reason it is good to let a few moments pass in order to test its evolution.

To create a good head odor, citric and other very fresh odors can be used, since they announce the perfume’s unique character and their notes are quite cheerful.


Certainly, that which defines the general character of a perfume is its heart. There are different bases such as oriental, aromatic or woody, and it’s true that in order to perceive these odors of the heart of a perfume it is necessary to let some time pass. The amount of time can vary with the product, but some of the notes can be detected from the beginning.

Without a doubt, the heart notes are the part of the perfume that we will perceive intensely over the course of two hours from the application, and are those which most identify a perfume.


Notes of this type serve to set the perfume in a way that the odor remains, without being sickly sweet. The aromas that are frequently chosen to set the previously described levels are musk, patchouli and moss. These are odors that can last all day even after the perfume has disappeared.

The general levels of this pyramid are those which determine the type of the perfume and let us know how it is perceived over the course of the day.

What the olfactory pyramid is and how to interpret it Blog DIVAIN similar perfumes


At DIVAIN you can find high-quality similar perfumes for men and women that we sell exclusively online. They include the newest and most stylish fragrances for your lifestyle if you want to small good.

The olfactory notes that are detailed in the description of each perfume will help you to decide on a perfume, according to your personality and preferences. The odor which accompanies us identifies us, causes memories and forms a part of us. So what about you, what aroma identifies you?

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