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Best outfit ideas for a red dress

What to wear with a red dress.

The colour red transmits fire, passion, security, and energy. It is a colour that stands out whatever the outfit. If you have a red dress in your wardrobe and you want to find a style to make it really stand out on a special occasion, in this article we give you some tips on what is best to wear with red dresses in the shoe department, from sandals to heels and accessories to work wear. In addition, we also leave you a few makeup ideas for those red dresses that will attract even more attention and give you extra style.

Makeup Ideas for a Red Dress

Here are a few ideas and tricks on how to do your makeup so that you stand out with when wearing a red dress whether for a special occasion or for work.

Red dresses are striking on any occasion, so when it comes to putting on makeup you should play with your colour palette without overloading your face and try to highlight your main features such as your eyes and lips.

Makeup for red dress and how to wear it to create a trendNude makeup

Nude makeup is perfect for any occasion, as it makes your face look as natural as possible. The idea is to highlight your look in a simple way, so it is important that you apply a makeup base with a similar colour to your skin.

The perfect makeup for your eyes includes highlighting three important aspects: eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes. To achieve this, follow our tips step by step:

  • First add eye shadows to the eyelid using a palette with neutral tones, gold and dark colours wear well with your red dress. This will add depth to your look.
  • Then take some purple shadow and apply it to your eye socket and blend. Finally, to give light to your look, use a lighter colour, even white, for the tear duct area.
  • Apply a mascara to give them volume and length, this is essential in nude makeup.
  • Add a bit of colour to your cheekbones, but without overdoing it because the idea of ​​this makeup is to highlight your natural look.
  • Finally, line your lips well and apply a nude lipstick that you can wear well with your skin tone. This will give a the best natural effect with a subtle touch that will highlight your lips.

Discreet makeup

As a second option, you can go for a discreet eye makeup with red lips that stand out above all else. Some women think that only those with full lips can carry this look. However, this style is also ideal for women with thin lips, especially if you are looking to match your lip colour with the your red dress.

Dark Makeup

This style of make up is the best to wear to highlight your red dress and create seduction.
Your eyelids should wear a discreet shadow and you should line your eyes with a black eyeliner. Mascara if also a must to give your lashes more volume and length and draw attention to your eyes. Finally, use a lipstick in nude colours or reddish tones that go with your red dress.

What to wear with a red dress

The occasion and situation are what best determine which shoes, boots or sandals or colours to wear with red dresses to make a great outfit. Black and white are great to mix with red fro a striking style.

How to choose what to wear with your red dress outfitJackets and Coats

  • For special occasions wear fur coats, preferably in black to create a dramatic style.
  • For casual occasions, opt for a black jacket or denim jacket. White is a great buy with red for the summer or spring months.


Shoes are always a big choice for us women. lets break it down simply:

  • Special occasions: for a smart evening with style, shoes can be gold, silver or frosty black, it all depends on which shade of red your dress is. Gold and silver of course is really striking and can be matched well with accessories.
  • Casual occasions: for a very casual red dress, you can wear heels (or boots with heels in winter) or low sandals in black, red or white in summer. On the other hand, black boots will be perfect for the winter and autumn season and work really well with red dresses.

Complements or accessories

These will depend on the occasion and the type of red dress you are wearing. If we are talking about a night out, then opting for necklaces, bracelets and earrings in gold or silver tones give some extra bling to our outfit. It is important not to overload yourself accessories, less is more, after all this will divert attention away from what is important: your red dress.

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