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Best outfits to combine navy blue trousers

What to wear with Navy blue trousers for great results

The way we combine our clothes tends to define our style and reflect parts of our personality. Although black trousers are an option to look smart, the reality is that navy blue trousers are now a refreshing alternative bringing a little more style and sophistication.
Here are some tips on how best to wear navy blue trousers for both men and women to achieve the smart casual style that you have been looking for in your outfits.

How to pair up navy blue trousers for men

Tips on how to combine navy blue trousersWondering what colours to wear with your navy trousers?

White has been one of the quintessential colour to pair with this shade of trouser whether they are jeans or chinos. Other colours that combine perfectly can include dark shades for your winter outfits such as brown, beige or even a rich dark green for a luxury feel. For summer oufits light blue is another breezy option for work.

On a man, these trousers look great with a plain long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, or with delicate and stylish vertical stripes for work. If you wish to make a smarter outfits add a navy blue blazer to your look for the weekends an open collared look will keep you casual and on fashion.
With regard to shoes, nothing combines more with this style than black or brown leather loafers. These shoes are idea land in fashion to wear with your outfit at any time of the day work or play.

Which are the best accessories?

Watches, sunglasses, and ties are some of the perfect accessories to pair with your outfits. Play with colours to best highlight your outfits and keep you looking smart for those business meetings!

How to wear navy blue pants for women

How to wear navy blue trousers for women and set trendsWhich colours and garments pair well?

White is also a fresh and casual option for the ladies to wear with navy blue trousers and we have a couple of other suggestions to give you the smart or casual look you may seek.
You can pair a ladies navy trousers with an olive green or cobalt blue blazer or with an emerald green or mustard-coloured blouse or shirt for a dash of color. Nude colours also combine perfectly, since they are neutral providing a touch of fresh to your style.
If you want a comfortable but less formal ladies' style, you can also hit a striking fashion combining your navy blue pants with a fantastic circular neck sweater with bold horizontal or vertical black and white or blue and white stripes.
With regard to shoes, you can combine many styles from brown leather heels, black boots, white trainers or gold shoes for a touch of glam!

 Accessory ideas

Ladies enjoy, bags, necklaces and other fashion jewellery to complete and accentuate their outfits. You can opt for a stylish or 'wow factor' handbag, a long necklace or a scarf in winter that helps you highlight your style or add a dash of color. Even caps and hats are also ideal accessories to if you wish to wear a blazer for example but keep a casual and on fashion look.

Wondering about makeup?

Simple makeup is a good look with any navy trousers no matter the occasion. A soft-coloured lip gloss, a light shadow on the eyes matched with a bit of blush and dark eyelashes are perfect with your profesional outfit. Keep in mind that the makeup and shades you use should go with your style and you can go for dark eyeshadow to spice it up in the evening.

Now that you have a few new ideas you can set some trends with navy blue trousers. If you feel a bit stuck in the past don't hesitate to renew your wardrobe with a more modern trouser cut and go out on the street in style. You will be the envy of many!
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