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Best ideas for what to wear with men’s grey trousers

What to wear with grey Trousers for Men

In men's fashion, grey is a dominant colour, especially when it comes to smart trousers or jeans. Grey trousers for men work well with both smart wear and a casual look. it is a colour that is both in fashion and very versatile which is why we bring you a few tips so you can figure out which style of grey trousers is best for you and what colour shirts, t-shirts, coats, jackets or shoes to pair with them.

Colours to wear with grey trousers

Grey goes well with almost all other colours, but there are some that work better than others. For example, the best shades to wear with this coloured outfit would be black, light blue, navy blue and maroon or burgundy reds.

Neutral colours also work. Try white or beige, dark grey will pair well with light grey outfits to give more style and sophistication. Other colours that pair, but not as well as those above are shades of green and dark brown.

Grey trouser outfits for men

Discover how to make a great outfit with grey for men with grey trousers to be fashionableShirts to wear with mens grey trousers

A shirt goes with everything, whether it is for a smart or casual outfit and always brings more style to a mens outfit than a t- shirt. There are various options you can wear and be in fashion.

A black shirt for example is one of the most classic options to wear with grey pants. You can also opt for a blue shirt that gives you a fresher or more casual style, since a dark grey colour will look great with light blue. A white well cut shirt is another classic colour, always in fashion and very versatile.

T-shirts to pair with mens grey trouser outfits

When it comes to t-shirts, the sky is the limit. You can opt for dark t-shirts with different colours that combine well with grey, or choose a white t-shirt and black shoes that stand out, to create a simpler, but stylish outfit. You can also use shirts with designs or logos that give a more casual and fun style to your look.

Coats or jackets

Clothing and colours to wear with a men’s grey trouser outfitWhen it comes to outerwear, the different shades of grey will go very well with your pants. You can also go fashionable by opting for a black coat or a more casual Scottish plaid design with your grey pants.

As for jackets, a black leather jacket with your grey trousers and a white t-shirt will create a classic look with which you will conquer anyone. On the other hand, denim jackets will also look be an ideal casual option.

Shoes to match

Shoes are very important when creating a look that is in fashion. For your grey chinos, neutral-coloured shoes, like black and dark brown, are always a safe option, as they match perfectly. If you prefer, you can also choose a burgundy or garnet tone.

What about accessories?

When it comes to accessories, consider wearing a belt, black sunglasses, a tie, or a fancy watch to complement your look. You can also wear scarves or hats, depending on the season and the image you are going for.

And finally, don't forget to give your outfit a special and masculine touch with one of the best perfumes for men. At DIVAIN we recommend DIVAIN-200 and M7 by Yves Saint Laurent (DIVAIN-283). You will be the envy of all your friends!

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