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Perfect Valentine's day gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend

Original gifts for Valentine's Day: Ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend

February 14 is just around the corner and if you have a partner or someone special that you want to buy a gift for, you may already be thinking about what kind of gifts or experiences you can buy for these special occasions. To help you decide on the perfect gift for your Valentine we have a few new gift ideas to surprise them on the day.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend, we have plenty of gift ideas for both men and women. Buy one of these for your valentine and show them how well you know and love them.

Best Valentine 's day Gifts for a Women

Best Valentine's gifts to make your partner fall in loveMany say that trying to shop for a Valentine's Day gift for women is a difficult, almost impossible task. We believe that with a little imagination and originality you will be able to surprise your special woman like never before.

Rose gold jewellery

For sophisticated women who like luxury, it is a great idea to buy jewellery that gives a new and unique touch to her outfits. We recommend opting for rose gold, which, in addition to being a new trend this year, goes well with all skin tones. Unlike gold or white gold, this colour is much softer, more delicate and transmits that harmony that your Valentine girl will love.

Funny socks for winter

If you have a more limited budget, giving a pair of original socks for Valentine's Day can be a very fun and practical idea. We recommend that you choose funny, colourful models personalised by you or even with their favourite cartoon characters, birthday date or whatever you think to give that special touch. It will make her remember you on cold winter nights and other occasions.

Scented candles with surprise dinner

Buy her a set of several candles with different scents and that have an attractive design. She can use them to decorate the table over a romantic dinner or just create a pleasant atmosphere for special occasions at home. She can enjoy a bath accompanied by the relaxing aroma of a scented candle.

Personalised Gifts

Another idea full of originality is to design a new and personalised gift. Giving something unique to her or to you as a couple and personalised with information is a great way to celebrate these special occasions like valentines day or even a birthday. You could get a bracelet with the coordinates of the place where you met, a mug with a photo, a map of the stars of the day you gave your first kiss or beautiful poetry recorded on a USB stick, a sure way to create personalised and unforgettable experiences for each other.

Shop for a new Outfit

If your girlfriend loves fashion and not a month passes without her wanting to buy new clothes why not head out and shop for a super personalised gift, a new outfit just for her in her size and style? Take her for dinner for the special occasion to try out her new gift. She will love it!

Original Valentine's gifts for men

Discover original Valentine's gifts to surprise your partnerMen also appreciate surprises and romantic details. If you are looking for gifts for your boyfriend this Valentine's Day, take a pen and paper and get inspired by these original gifts and experiences.

Photo Album

Get back to being creative and make your boyfriend a personalised photo album or card. Choose the most romantic photos and unforgettable memories of your travels and special occasions. Decorate it by adding the occasional beautiful phrase that represents you. Ah! And don't forget to leave space to fill it with more photos in the future.

A romantic trip

Romantic getaways are one of the best ideas for a couple. Experiences and spending unforgettable days celebrating time and your love together is a great gift idea. You can buy a surprise box that suits your budget and take him on one of the most exciting adventures of his life or back to where you first met.

Mug for your office

Give him something for his office to cheer up those stressful days. Personalised mugs with motivational phrases are great ideas. If he likes writing a pen with engraved initials are also a best bet for something useful and personalised.


If you want to be forever present in your boyfriend's life, shop for a keyring with his favourite character or customise it to your liking so that every time he takes the keys to his car or house he remembers you.

Perfumes to give on Valentine's Day

We know that on Valentine's Day you really want to surprise that special person, but you can also do it by opting for something more traditional. Shop for a perfume for your boyfriend or girlfriend that suits their personality and you will always win!
Here we give you some of the best fragrances in our catalogue the perfect option to shop online.


One of the most original and elegant perfumes for women that exist. Black Orchid (DIVAIN-542) is a fresh fragrance from the Tom Ford brand that contains notes of jasmine, gardenia, orchid, truffle, and bergamot, among other oriental and floral ingredients.


A delicate fragrance for women who have a unique personality to fall in love with. The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana (DIVAIN-588) boasts an explosive combination of notes of violet, bergamot, orange, coffee and orange blossom that will last all day on your girlfriend's skin.


A delicious masculine perfume for romantics. It has an intensely woody scent. Bleu de Chanel (DIVAIN-200) has strong notes of lemon, grapefruit, mint and jasmine.

So now you know, if you are dying to show your love for your boyfriend, choose some of the Valentine's gifts from this list and bring out that romanticism that is inside you.

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