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These are the types of women's trousers that are taking over

7 types of trousers for Women currently trending

Women's trousers began to become popular during the War years when women began working in factories. At this time it was not common for women to wear trousers so they often wore mens using their husbands, brothers or fathers trousers.

Later, women began to wear trousers and roll them up to the knee to make them more practical when traveling by bicycle or horse riding. It is probably at this point that the great clothing designers like Yves Saint Laurent, started to create a practical feminine fashion, including trousers which were different to mens and adapted to women's needs with feminine styles. This was when, thanks to this fashion designer, women's trousers began to be distributed all over the world.

Today there are endless different styles, types of trouser cut and trends, from flared jeans, baggy pants, to jeans, capri or skinny leggings which are now in fashion. Here below we have just some of the styles that have emerged in recent years and have become popular to wear. Check them out to find new styles of trousers and a different look for yourself in the coming year.

Most popular types of trousers in the fashion world for womenFlared Pants

The flared jeans look became fashionable in the 70s inspired by bohemian types. They are tight at the top from the waist to the knee, where they begin to widen down to the ankle. These types of pants are perfect for anyone, especially tall women.

Skinny jeans

Skinny trousers have a straight cut and are tapered to the leg from the waist to the ankles. They favour the silhouette and those with a high waist make the legs appear slimmer and longer. Recent fashion has seen skinny leather material or coated material for special occasions though elasticated and classic denim remain popular for a more casual or sporty look.

Harem Trousers

They are pants made of vaporous fabrics and their success lies in their freshness and comfort as well as the elegance they bring to women in every movement. They are inspired by oriental fashion and are perfect for the spring, summer season.

Apart from them often have striking patterns or consist of sewing various materials together they are often colourful. This type of trouser stands out for being loose and having great volume from the waist to the knee and throughout the leg often with large pockets. There are also other designs of Harem pants or bloomers that are simply knee length.

Learn about the different types of women's pants that exist and discover which one suits you best


Leggings or tights are popular types of tight fitting trousers often used for comfort and sport. Likewise, they are also perfect for casual stays or even to combine with high heels to help draw attention to your legs and give a certain elegance to the look. These pants are often made of cotton and elastic fabrics to stretch adapt to any size or body shape.

Capri Pants

Capri pants owe their name to the island of Capri in Italy, where this trouser style became popular in the 1950s. These pants cut off mid calf or just above the ankle, which makes them ideal to wear for the beach or for hot climates with a little style.
This style of Capri pants also became very famous thanks to Jackie Kennedy, who became the inspiration of millions of women due to her sophisticated, elegant looks.


Jeans are the typical American pants whose style can be perfectly adapted to any occasion or silhouette depending on their cut, colour and other factors. Although they have never gone out of style they were most popular in the 90s when jeans were used for their simplicity and comfort typical of this decade.

Straight legged trousers

This style of women's pants are totally straight from the waist to the ankle. With high heels they are perfect, as they shape the silhouette bringing elegance to all types of figure. Additionally, they were one of the first types of trousers created for women to wear formally.

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