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Olfactory families are the best classification of aromas in the world of perfumery

TYPES OF PERFUMES ACCORDING TO OLFACTORY FAMILIES: What are they and which one should I choose?

When you discover a scent, it is inevitable that it causes you some sensation or reminds you of someone. A perfume evokes moments, places, people or so many sensations that it is impossible for you to describe what it suggests to you.

That is why today we begin to explain what our olfactory families are and what fragrances belong to each of them. Thus, the next time you choose a perfume, you will be very clear about what feeling you want to leave to whoever captures your essence.

What are olfactory families?

The classification of perfumes by olfactory family was proposed by perfumers in the twentieth century, with the aim of being able to classify (or at least try) the great multitude of aromas that exist in the world of perfumery. Thus, it is much easier to get used to the idea of ​​what a perfume smells like and which ones can be similar to it, something extremely useful for the user.

Today there is no single universally accepted classification, since this world is full of nuances and on many occasions it is very difficult to pigeonhole a fragrance within a single family, but it is a very valuable and approximate orientation.

Types of olfactory families that exist

We are going to see what are the different types of olfactory families that exist and which ones you can find in our extensive catalog of equivalency perfumes.


Those fresh, light aromas that smell clean and in good weather belong to the.aquatic olfactory family.  Its personality comes from a synthetic essence called Calone, which gives it the perfect marine touch for hot days. An example of them is DIVAIN-206, a perfume similar to Davidoff's Cool Water for men.

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The aromas for which the musk olfactory family is characterized have traditionally been associated with seduction and sensuality.

They are pure, powerful and elegant fragrances, perfect to enhance magnetism and femininity or masculinity, since musk (the base component of this olfactory family) is used in both masculine and feminine fragrances, since it gives body and intensifies the aroma of any fragrance. Does it attract you, right? Well, you have to try DIVAIN-576, a perfume similar to Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules.

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Very intense perfumes with character belong to the woody olfactory family, those that intoxicate and leave their mark. It is widely used in male scents, although it is beginning to be used more and more in female fragrances. They range from the intensity of cedar or patchouli to the freshness of pine and bamboo.

We have many woody perfumes in our catalog, among which we highlight, DIVAIN-501, perfume similar to Idole by Armani for women and DIVAIN-015, Perfume similar to Only the Brave by Diesel for men.

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The Cypre olfactory family is an intense olfactory family with a lot of personality. It comprises several aromas, ranging from patchouli to moss, through flowers, amber or musk. These are perfumes with character and a lot of personality, only suitable for very confident men and women.

If you want to try this curious and delicious olfactory family, we suggest DIVAIN-574, similar to Paloma Picasso for women and DIVAIN-270, similar to Lui de Rochas for men.

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It hardly needs an explanation, right? Lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit or lime ... Fresh, happy and young aromas that take you directly to summer. Perfect for those days when the heat is pressing or when you need a shot of energy in your vein. Ideal for people of all ages and genders. And also for the little ones! A couple of examples are DIVAIN-139, perfume similar to Lancôme ô for women and DIVAIN-038, similar to Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for men.

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The leather olfactory family is one of the most particular but also one of the oldest in the world of perfumery. They are soft perfumes, with aromas of wood, moss and smoked. Shades of birch, coffee or dried fruit to create subtle, but memorable masculine fragrances, suitable for almost any occasion.

A clear example of this? DIVAIN-221, perfume similar to Uomo by Valentino for men.

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The perfumes of the spicy olfactory family are bold and spicy, with an oriental touch. They are a spark of energy, a vital cramp. They often contain spicy notes, such as cinnamon, pepper, or cardamom.

Are you planning an intense night of seduction? Well, take note because these fragrances are ideal for it: for women, DIVAIN-501, a perfume similar to Idole by Armani and DIVAIN-266.

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It is the largest olfactory family and the most popular, because they are the most typical scents in perfumery.

These are romantic fragrances, simple but not simple, such as DIVAIN-502, perfume similar to Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent.

Although there are more and more men who dare to highlight their masculinity with a touch of romance, using perfumes such as DIVAIN-231, similar to Man de Loewe.

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Fougère means fern in French, so these fragrances are those that try to reproduce the strong, fresh and natural essence of the forests, with essences that are reminiscent of moss, wood, bergamot or lavender. The fougère olfactory family is perfect for men who exude vitality and strength, we recommend DIVAIN-014, a perfume similar to Fuel For Life Home by Diesel or DIVAIN-264, similar to Polo by Ralph Laurent.

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The perfumes of the fruity olfactory family are mostly feminine, with a wide presence of fruity tones, but yes, excluding citrus. If you like sweet fragrances, you have found your suitable family.

Depending on the predominant fruit, they can be sweet aromas, such as DIVAIN-194, a perfume similar to Cherry in the Air, from Escada (with a cherry and raspberry scent), or fresher in the style of DIVAIN-176, similar to Taj Sunset from Escada (with notes of mango, coconut and water lily).

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The aromas of the oriental olfactory family are obviously sweet, exotic and intense aromas that transport us to the most beautiful landscapes of the Far East, thanks to the continuous presence of ingredients such as vanilla, myrrh or benzoin.

They are ideal for sophisticated and elegant people, with a marked sensuality and innate magnetism.

The perfect example is Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent for women (DIVAIN-115) and Opium for men (DIVAIN-045). Who can resist them? In our sincerest opinion, no one.

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The scent of vanilla has been appreciated by all cultures and is widely used in perfumery for its sweet and warm touch. It is completely delicious and relaxes and calms the moment you smell it.

The fragrances of the vanilla olfactory family are characterized by being the most classic ones, but they remain valid with more current blends, such as DIVAIN-561, a perfume similar to Lolita Lempicka, ideal for the most flirtatious and feminine women.

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 Now that you know all the olfactory families, which of them do your favorite fragrances belong to? And if you opt for several ... At what times do you prefer to use each of them? Don't settle for just trying one olfactory family! Open your mind and explore this fascinating world, the world of perfumery.

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