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The trends in summer nails 2021 are full of color

Nail trends for summer, what to wear in 2021?

Summer is a burst of color, enthusiasm and the desire to enjoy and make a thousand plans. It's time to dust off your most colorful, fresh and carefree outfits, and combine them with a manicure according to them. Do you want to know what are the latest trends in the world of nail art? Well, do not miss a comma of the keys that we write you below!

The Latest Nail Trends for Summer 2021

This 2021 summer shows that there is desire. The desire to leave the house (yes, responsibly), the desire to refresh ourselves, to live, to laugh and not to stop. The atmosphere is palpable of illusion and energy, and this translates into an explosion of color and patterns in the new summer nail color trends (and also in the world of perfumery, look at the summer perfumes that can not be missing in your dressing table). We are going to see all the designs that you have to wear at least once if you consider yourself a true fashionista.

Colored French manicure

French manicure is the queen of manicures. This is so. We dare to say that it will never go out of style, since it is a timeless and elegant style that adapts perfectly to any look. And it also offers a lot of possibilities, such as the trend that takes place this year: make it colorful.

To do this, you simply have to replace the classic white line that is made at the end of the nail with one of a vibrant color, such as yellow, orange, blue or green. Try it and you will see how you do not want to paint them in any other way!

French manicure never goes out of style

Rainbow manicure

Do you want an explosion of color on your nails? Well, the rainbow manicure is for you. To do this summer nail trend you will need nail polishes of many and varied colors and ... a lot of pulse! Because this style has evolved, going from painting one nail of each color to painting several colors on the same nail.

We know it sounds a bit shrill, but not at all! And it is not about painting with many colors and mixing them without rhyme or reason, but about drawing harmonious motifs of different colors along your nail. Try waves that go diagonally from one side to the other. Super original!

The explosion of colors is characteristic in the rainbow style manicure

Manicure with daisies

Although the latest cry never before seen in the world of nail art and that this 2021 has brought us is that of painting small daisies on the nail. They are so cute! You can paint them in the typical white and yellow colors and alternate nails with daisies and other smooth ones painted in yellow. And if you are daring ... paint them in colors because they are also divine.

Painting daisies on your nails is very fashionable

Degraded manicure

The gradient is in fashion. Not only in the fashion world, but also on the nails. Doing this manicure is a bit more complicated and you will need to take your time, but it is worth it because they add a very careful touch to your look. So much so that you will attract attention wherever you go!

Nails in gradient tones are very original

Minimalist Manicure

Another of the nail trends of 2021 consists of not painting the nail in any color (simply apply glitter or a thin layer of a nude tone) and draw on it with a black or white polish some minimalist motif, such as a transverse line that goes from one side of the nail to the other.

Minimalism is a style in trend in all areas of life

Summer Nail Color Trends

If you are more of solid colors, you have to opt for a manicure in pastel tones such as pistachio green, baby blue or light orange. But yes, dare to combine them by painting each nail a color! There is nothing extravagant, really, it is very fine and will give your look an original and casual touch.

Pastel colors and painting each nail one color is very fashionable

Although what never fails - and this year is more fashionable than ever - is a manicure in nude tones. This 2021 the light shades closer to white, gray or pearl are taken.

Nude tones like pearl are the latest in manicure 

Finally remind you (if you are a manicure lover like us) that we have many more articles on nail care like this one on how to do permanent nails step by step, this one about ideas for manicures at parties as special as New Year's Eve and one that will help you never suffer from your manicure again: how to remove porcelain nails at home without pain

Check them out, we hope you enjoy them!

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