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The masculine aroma that captures the essence of the Sicilian tradition

The masculine aroma that captures the essence of the Sicilian tradition

With the first waves of cold come, not only pleasant evenings in front of the fireplace and more comfortable warm clothes, but also the change of perfumes in a man’s toilet bag; perfumes that will become an indispensable accessory to complete his daily wardrobe during the winter months.

During the cold months, not all men opt for deep aromas with a lot of body. Sometimes a fragrance with woody touches and fresh touches of citrus can be a great bet.

Some olfactive families, like the family of woody perfumes, are more elevated in the pantheon of preferred men’s aromas, especially in the winter. Within this family exist a multitude of sub-families like woody-aromatic, which include among its notes essence of pine, cedar or vetiver, as is the case with our perfume DIVAIN-243 · similar to K by DOLCE&GABBANA.

Perfume similar to K by Dolce&Gabbana for men

This is an aroma that brings to mind Italian glamour and Sicilian tradition, but with a modern vision far from the conventional, with fresh airs, but airs that are inspired by the legacy of its Mediterranean origin.

This elegant fragrance stimulates the senses and is able to carry you to the Italian countryside and the sun-drenched Mediterranean. A fresh and earthy fragrance for the man with a natural charisma, who respects tradition without putting aside modernity.

This perfume’s head stands out for its invigorating citrus notes that stimulate the senses, with a fusion of blood orange and Sicilian lemon, which blends with the freshness of juniper berries.

In its heart the amber touches of clary sage stand out, to which are added notes of geranium and lavender. The spicy side comes from the scent of pepper, which provides warmth and masculinity.

The fragrance finishes with warm woody notes, like cedar, which fuse with the earthy vetiver and the spicy sweetness of patchouli.

This is definitely a contemporary fragrance; charismatic, sophisticated and sensual, that inspires and captivates, that leaves a magnetic and singularly masculine wake, with a warm and surrounding aroma that evokes the Italian countryside and the midday sun of the Mediterranean, with a characteristic fresh and earthy aroma of the hills and forests of Tuscany.

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