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The best scent to attract a woman

The best scent to attract a woman

One of the most important masculine accessories, and the one that is normally applied last, is perfume: the final touch of distinction to complete a perfect look. 

Smelling good is, in many occasions, a declaration of our intentions; it defines us and goes beyond the physical appearance. This is especially true when we are talking about seduction and attracting the opposite sex.

Something as simple as a good aroma can strengthen your self-confidence and draw attention to yourself more effectively, making it a very powerful secret of attraction. And, of course, the olfactory memory is much more reliable than visual memory, so the simple act of choosing a bottle of perfume and applying it on the points of body heat, wrists and neck means you are committing an undeniable act of seduction.

Choose the perfect perfume

However, choosing the ideal aroma, especially when it comes to attracting the most demanding of women, isn’t easy, because how do you know which aromas really attract women? To help you, we present you with 3 irresistible aromas to attract women, depending on their personalities and lifestyles. Do you dare to discover them?

· To win a woman who loves the sea, there’s nothing like a fresh, aquatic fragrance that whispers the sound of the sea at every step like DIVAIN-027, similar to Acqua di Gio by Armani. An aroma that will win her with its continued presence and its light aromas of mandarin, orange, lime, lemon and jasmine, interwoven with marine and woody notes.

· DIVAIN-234, similar to Stronger with You, also by Armani, is perfect to win a modern woman, strong and full of vitality. A captivating perfume that transmits equal parts of elegance and masculinity with notes of pepper or cardamom in its head notes and sweet and woody notes in the heart and base notes of the fragrance. One of the most original olfactory touches that won’t go unnoticed.

· The most elegant of women will opt for classic aromas like DIVAIN-229, similar to Eau Sauvage by Dior. A potent and pure aroma, simple but with great personality that conquers with its perfect mixture of citrus and floral notes.

Find out what women’s perfumes drive men crazy.

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