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Discover the best sustainable clothing brands to follow ecological fashion

4 Sustainable Clothing Brands to follow Ecological fashion

Ecological fashion is a lifestyle that is based on using natural resources and
recycled materials for the creation of sustainable clothing such as cotton as well as plastics. This new trend is the future, and more and more people have decided to change to this new lifestyle more friendly to the planet.

With ecology and sustainability at the forefront of our minds as we head into 2021 many brands are looking to make a new collection to aid our planet by creating clothing made from waste materials. Responsible consumption is the first step to make a change in the world.

Here below you can see which are the best brands that have made clothing range to aid sustainability in our world. Why not take the plunge and make a difference.

What is eco fashion and why is it gaining popularity?

Sustainable clothing brands are the new lifestyle that is doing greatWithin fashion there are two terms that are used a lot and that you have to know in order to identify the good: slow fashion and fast fashion.

Fast Fashion refers to a style of consumption based on the manufacture of clothing low cost and on a large scale. In this sense, it is a form of consumption not sustainable that promotes purchasing, but not recycling of waster materials.

However, slow fashion or ecological fashion is a style of clothing that is
based on using sustainable and organic materials to make them, such as sustainable and ethically sourced cotton that do not pollute the environment. Clothing in this range must be made ensuring optimal conditions for workers, renewable energy use and access to recycled materials such as fishing nets, plastic bottles and organic and ethically sourced cotton, among others.
This model seeks transparency so that the consumer knows anything bought from a brand that claims it is sustainable or ecological has been made according to sustainability guidelines avoiding waste and with ethical working practices.

Eco fashion is the future. There is already a great collection of clothing on the market with recognised brand names. They are dedicated to creating a new waste free range with more profitable and durable garments, two aspects that in addition to helping the environment allow us to generate an awareness of sustainability.

The best sustainable clothing brands


If you are a fan of Mary Poppins you will love their online shop Mipoppins. Its local workshops are located in Madrid and are specialised in the creation of bags made from Piñatex. This material, which is obtained from pineapple leaves, it is light, resistant and sustainable.
Another remarkable aspect of the brand is that they allocate 5% of the profits made by the sale of their bags to foundations such as Women in Africa and Ana Bella.

What is eco-fashion and top-rated sustainable clothing brands

Re / Done

If you are looking for sustainable jeans, then the Re / Done signature models are
made for you. It is a California company, which is dedicated to reusing Levi brand jeans.  They reuse any waste material to make their own range of jeans hence the brand name.
Re / Done is gaining strength in the ecological fashion market collection and there are already many celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowshi who have decided to buy clothes from their organic range to help create a trend.


Armedangels is a sustainable German brand that has become very popular in the last few years for their premium quality eco range for men and women.

In their manufacturing processes they only use organic fabrics, recycled polyester or scraps of used clothes. In addition, they have a partnership with the Fair Wear Foundation to ensure that all its employees work in good, ethical, conditions and receive a fair wage.


Ecoalf is a benchmark sustainable fashion brand in Spain. The brands name has become popular in recent years thanks to stars such as Will Smith and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have word the brands sustainability range on more than one occasion.
The main feature of the brand is that its collection is designed from materials collected from the seabed, such as fishing nets or plastic bottles, and from other recycled products such as coffee or tyres they use to make high quality fabrics.
What are you waiting for? Give sustainable fashion a try in 2021!


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