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Discover the best perfumes that smell like memories

The most special perfumes and aromas that bring back memories

There are perfumes that smell like memories, that transport you without asking to magical moments that you thought you had forgotten. Aromas that awaken all the senses and that therefore are authentic jewels that should be preserved forever.

Here below we bring you a list of those perfumes that smell like memories and that we believe can transport you to those moments of your life that you miss the most, such as the summer holidays of your childhood, the first kiss or the meetings with your friends from the childhood.

DIVAIN-569, similar to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

This perfume is an authentic bouquet of flowers that will transport you to those summer days playing in the park or having a good time with friends. DIVAIN-569, similar to Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet it is delicate, smooth and perfect for young women. Its main note of mandarin melts with a floral heart starring the pink peony and the Damascus rose to finish with a background of white musk.

DIVAIN-197, similar to Fiesta Carioca de Escada

Relive those eternal summer nights that end in party and fun with our DIVAIN-197, a perfume similar to Escada Carioca Festival that you will love. A combination of fruity aromas such as raspberry or passion fruit that will fill you with freshness and unforgettable memories.

Aromas to remember the happiest moments of your life

DIVAIN-902, similar to Petits et Mamans

The love of a mother is unconditional and this perfume similar to Petits et Mamans de Bulgari (DIVAIN-902) It will make you long for every moment of happiness that you lived with her in your childhood. The combination of ingredients such as orange, peach or chamomile, creates a soft and fresh fragrance that transmits peace and tranquility. Also, if you have just become a mother, this fragrance is perfect for both you and your baby.

DIVAIN-630, similar to Tom Ford's Orchid Soleil

A feminine, warm and sensual fragrance for your skin with which you will remember that first love full of passion. A floral perfume with an oriental touch that is characterized by its top notes of pink pepper, orange and cypress topped with a sweet background of vanilla and whipped cream. Definitely,DIVAIN-630, similar to Tom Ford's Orchid Soleil it is synonymous with luxury, distinction and elegance.

Byredo's similar perfumes

The secret of these niche perfumes Timeless lies in its understated approach, in which simple compositions without too many ingredients give way to olfactory creations in which emotions reign.

The objective of each aroma is focused on translating memories, emotions and experiences. A renewed approach to modern luxury in which each fragrance is marked by an idea.

 Perfumes that smell of memories and experiences

DIVAIN-246, similar to Mojave ghost

DIVAIN-246, equivalent to Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a unisex perfume inspired by the beauty of the Mojave desert where there is a flower called "the ghost flower", capable of living with hardly any water and known as the Mojave ghost. Its oriental floral aroma, with an exit of musk ambrette and sapodilla, opens to notes of violet, sandalwood and magnolia. Finish with the woody touch of ambergris and cedar.

DIVAIN-245, similar to Gipsy Water

For its part, DIVAIN-245, equivalent to Gipsy Water by Byredo, is a unisex scent inspired by the idealization of the Roma lifestyle and its myths. An aromatic woody scent that features a top of bergamot, lemon, pepper and Virginia juniper, continues with notes of incense, pine needles and orris root, and finishes with amber, vanilla and sandalwood. It reflects the aroma of fresh earth, deep forests and free style and close to nature.

HDIVAIN-625, similar to Blanche

The feminine floral scent DIVAIN-625, similar to Blanche of Byredo, was born from the idea of ​​creating a perfume that reflects the innocence, transparency and purity of white. In it, notes of pink pepper, rose and aldehydes stand out, followed by those of the African orange blossom, violet and peony. Finish with woody notes, sandalwood and musk.

Now it's up to you to choose what experience you want to live again. And do not forget! At DIVAIN we have a wide equivalency perfume catalog. Buy your unforgettable memory now!

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