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Discover the best perfumes with pheromones to flirt

6 Perfumes with Pheromones for Men and Women

There are a multitude of perfumes on the market these days that promise to increase sexual desire due to their scent containing pheromones ... But is this really true? Science has already shown that these human chemicals, also emitted by most animals and by some plants, play an important role in sexual attraction.

Although some perfume brands overuse these new pheromones in their marketing campaigns, the truth is, these pheromones can really make a big impact if we want to attract a partner.

What are perfumes with pheromones and what are they for?

Human pheromones are a chemical substances released by our skin and they activate the magic of seduction and sexual desire in both men and women. They are found naturally in our body, or now in some products such as perfumes, the pheromone molecules are captured by the vomeronasal organ and help us to attract the person we desire be it the same sex or the opposite sex.

These new pheromone fragrances are perceived through our sense of smell and are very effective, which is why they have become a millionaire business for many perfume houses. They are increasingly used for both men and women as beauty products with an added extra.

If you need to bring out your most seductive and provocative side, take note of the list that we have prepared for both women and men with the best pheromone perfumes on the market to attract a partner.

Best perfumes with pheromones for women

Essential perfumes with pheromones for women

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

This powerful perfume from the 70s was relaunched in 2009, enhancing its seductive character. To develop this enhanced scent, balsamic chords, floral touches, sweet and warm have been put to work.

The mix of bergamot, mandarin, lily of the valley, jasmine, myrrh and carnation heart from Opium by YSL, is presented as an explosive cocktail of limitless seduction. You will love the fragrance that drifts off your body!

Rush by Gucci

This women's perfume is already a few years old. Gucci launched it on the market in 1999 and it belongs to the Cyprus-fruit olfactory family. Although at first glance Rush by Gucci appears to be a simple perfume, it has actually become a true weapon of seduction.
The secret may lie in the mix of patchouli, white flowers, and the aromatic, vanilla, and fruity hints of its ingredients. Highlighting the Damascus rose and jasmine that complete a perfect aromatic pheromone blend.


A delicious perfume loaded with pheromones that men love. This women's fragrance belongs to the oriental-spicy family and is a real beauty. Its balsamic, sweet and spicy chords become pure seduction. Jasmine, mandarin, coriander, peach and Bulgarian rose have never been so well combined.

DIVAIN-142 offers a well-balanced yet not overwhelming fragrance developed using amber, sandalwood, vanilla or tonka bean, among other ingredients.

Best perfumes with pheromones for men

Men’s fragrances with pheromones to increase attraction

212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

This is one of the perfumes that women love most. It is a very different aroma to the previous version, 212 Men. It is aimed at the seductive man of beauty who likes crazy nights and parties. It offers a sweeter and much more sensual scent, 100% loaded with pheromone. It is an eau de toilette that belongs to the Oriental Fougére family.

If you like this, you will love DIVAIN-005. Its olfactory pyramid begins with the citric notes of mandarin, bergamot and ginger and the subtle touches that are presented through the use of flower petals, tonka bean, green pepper, sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla really work well together.

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

This fresh scent is ideal for daily use, but it can also help you seduce, especially if you go to the beach. Despite being a light perfume, it is a great blend of aromas to activate human pheromones of the opposite sex. A true instrument of seduction and beauty.

Acqua di Gio by Armani is an eau de toilette developed and based on citrus and aquatic olfactory notes. Bergamot, water jasmine and Primofiore lemon offer a seductive and refreshing combination at the same time.

CK One by Calvin Klein

A refreshing and seductive perfume, ideal for night environments. It is a very sweet fragrance that is often liked by women and is also considered one of the best of the brand. A classic that no seducer can miss.

CK One by Calvin Klein belongs to the green aromatic family. Its weapons of attraction are mandarin, papaya, cardamom, bergamot and lemon. In addition, with heart and base notes as sophisticated as jasmine, violet, nutmeg, sandalwood and amber among others.  With this by your side, it will be much easier to flirt!

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