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Perfumes for couples: 4 pairs of fragrances that combine perfectly

Perfumes for couples: 4 pairs of fragrances that combine perfectly

If you already have matching Christmas sweaters, if you share the same style so much that sometimes you even dress the same and have the same pattern on your swimsuits, the only thing left is for you to synchronize your aromas! Fresh, sophisticated or with a chic touch, we’ll suggest to you the perfect pairs of perfumes for couples!

Perfumes for the chic couple

For the couple who loves Parisian style. They’re characterized by their relaxed elegance and have a timeless style that transcends trendy fashions and has instead that “je ne sais quoi” that is equally venerated and envied in every part of the planet. For them we recommend two classic aromas that never go out of style:

DIVAIN-017 similar to Allure by Chanel, an oriental aroma with spicy and woody citrus notes for him; and DIVAIN-085 similar to Allure by Chanel in its feminine version. Two infallible aromas to reflect the Parisian spirit in all its splendour.

Perfumes for the eternal couple

To commemorate an eternal love, there’s nothing like a pair of mythical and timeless aromas that walk the line between the freshness and intensity that symbolize love and commitment.

To achieve this we recommend DIVAIN-207 similar to Eternity by Calvin Klein for him, and DIVAIN-114 similar to Eternity by Calvin Klein for her.

Perfumes for the most passionate couple

For the couple that gives free reign to their love on a boat adrift at sea, or that opts for visiting the most marvellous enclaves of the Mediterranean, we suggest a pair of perfect fragrances.

For him DIVAIN-038, similar to Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, in which the citric touches stand out, and for her DIVAIN-053, with floral and fruity notes, similar to the feminine version of Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana.

Perfumes for the most sophisticated couple

There’s nothing like opting for the perfect pair of sophisticated aromas which define the couple that is elegant, urban and young… without missing that sexy touch!

For him we suggest DIVAIN-223, similar to The Scent by Hugo Boss, with woody touches. For her, DIVAIN-188, similar to The Scent by Hugo Boss, with fruity notes.

Extra, extra!

We have new arrivals in our catalogue, two perfumes inspired by the Garden of Eden: DIVAIN-251, (Man in Paradise) for him and DIVAIN-604 for her. If you want to what perfumes they are equivalent to, fill out this form and we will send you an email.

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