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How to do a nude makeup step by step

Nude makeup: a step by step how to

The nude makeup look is one of the most popular new looks women are using today due to its natural and fresh appearance as well as the fact that it looks good on all types of faces.

New nude makeup look is about creating natural beauty without artifice and recreating it is very simple. Using the tips we have for you below step by step you can create your own nude makeup effect. You will see how you can shine naturally! If you like the natural makeup look, we recommend that you take a look at the style of 40s makeup and 90s makeup. You will love them!

Characteristics of nude makeup

The main characteristic of nude makeup is to achieve an effect so natural that it seems that you are not wearing any makeup. It enhances our natural beauty and eliminates all imperfections. Its objective is to make the skin look youthful and bright, whilst making it appear that this is really your skin and not just makeup. This is better than any Instagram filter!

Don't confuse this type of makeup with neutral makeup, since the latter has a slight presence of makeup, usually in earthy or nude tones.

Let's see how you should be using your makeup products in each area of your face to get this natural and flattering look.

Nude makeup looks are on and will have you looking your best naturally.


As the trick lies in looking like you have a freshly washed face, we have to completely discard high coverage bases, to make way for lighter ones and BB creams.

The main thing is to even out your skin tone, so choose a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Don't start by using too much foundation, spread it very well using your fingers or a sponge for a more natural look with your foundation.

The best products to get that "naturally perfect" beauty is concealer. Choose one that is a shade lighter than your skin, tips like these help to give a brighter look so that any imperfections are hidden. Apply concealer in those areas where the light base has not been able to eliminate them completely. These areas may be the dark circles or the oiliest parts of the face where the marks of pimples tend to accumulate.

If you have quite noticeable imperfections you can use specific correctors for each of them. A green concealer is ideal for red-toned imperfections (pimples), yellow for purple blemishes (dark circles) and orange for dark spots (skin marks).


The main objective for the eye is to enlarge them. How do we do that? By emphasising the length and volume of our lashes and not using any dark eyeshadow.

It is vital to use a good mascara that gives volume and firmness to your lashes. Apply several layers of mascara but making sure there is no excess on the brush. The important step is to "comb" it through so that there are no lumps.

Forget about any coloured eyeshadow, with nude makeup it is not necessary to apply eyeshadow (you can unify the tone of the eyelid with concealer). If you do want to apply some opt for very neutral tones, almost the same colour as your skin, or a little lighter to give the area luminosity.

With nude makeup keep your eye pencils well away. If you really are addicted to them try brown tones but always on the lash line, never on the water line.

Nude lip look

In terms of lipstick nothing dark and no flashy colours like reds or garnets. Opt for light tones giving volume and juiciness to the lips. The best are glossy lipstick or creamy formulas, since a matte lipstick hardens and pronounces our features, which is totally counterproductive for this type of look.

Get a more youthful and luminous skin with the nude makeup look.Cheekbones

For the cheekbones use tones that blend well with your skin tone. Go earthy, so there are no bright colour explosions. The best formula is cream blush, (those in stick format), as they illuminate and add vitality to the face. You can also use it on the lips to give them a little volume and shine.


As for the eyebrows, full and defined. If your brows are not so dense, fill in with an eyebrow pencil of the same shade and comb them in the same direction and a little upwards to frame the look.

Perfect occasions to wear nude makeup

A nude makeup is perfect for any occasion, especially for daily wear. Wear it at work, at casual lunches or dinners, or for shopping and a walk. As you can see, doing it is very simple and hardly takes time, so you will feel much more beautiful and resplendent with little effort.

Give it a try!

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