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Best ideas and designs to decorate your nails for New Year's Eve 2020

The Best New Year's Eve Nail trends for 2020

New Year's Eve is approaching and there is no better way to celebrate it than with a look that causes a stir.  As well as having a stylish outfit and some beauty tips are a must for New Year's Eve makeup and that also includes having manicure for the occasion.

In this blog article we give you a few of the best nail art ideas including glitter, polish and ideas for the holiday season and for New year's Eve 2020, based on the current trends . Find your nail inspiration here and remember that on New Year's Eve there are no limits!

How Should I paint my nails for New Year's Eve? Best Styles

Manicure ideas to design a unique New Year's nails2020 is coming to an end, and there is no better way to celebrate it to go out in style, looking and feeling great. Outfits, makeup and beauty as well as with your manicure that is the centre of attention during the last night of December and 2020. Holiday season nails, and more specifically Christmas nails, should be elegant and fun for this time of year.For this, there are endless designs, colours of nail polish and nail ornaments that you can apply, whether they are natural, porcelain, gel or acrylic. Below you can find a few fun ideas for your holiday season nail art:

Gold Nails

One of the colours that represents Christmas best is gold. Not only is it a colour that makes any garment stand out, but it also symbolises light, luxury and power. If you want to have beautiful nails for the end of the year, apply a gold polish or choose to add gold details such as glitter or stars. We also recommend applying metallic or mirror effect polish to make the nail appear completely gold-plated.

Christmas Decoration Nail Art

If you are one of those who prefer the more traditional nail designs, we advise you to use green, red and white tones. For a more youthful and fun look, try different Christmas nail art on each of your nails. For example, you can paint a snowman on your middle finger, Christmas trees on your index and ring fingers, snowflakes on your little finger, and a Santa Claus on your thumb.


Another of the most successful styles on New Year's Eve are those that include glitter, as this element is synonymous with party and fun. The good thing about glitter is that you can apply it on any tone or colour of nail polish. Spread the glitter only on the base or tip of the nail, so that the main shade can be seen well. If you're feeling inspired, you can also add clear stones to add beauty, volume and shine to your nail art.

Discreet Pink Nails

Although the New Year is a perfect time to stand out with sparkles, glitter and other striking designs, there are many women who prefer natural beauty when it comes to their nails. Pink nails, even with soft tones, are a good alternative for this time of year.

A nude tone, close to your skin tone or even a fiery pink, can go really well with a dress or trousers especially if you are going to choose black as the main colour of your look.

Black or red: the classics

Two colours that will never go out of style on New Year's Eve are black and red. Make sure to go for the best quality nail polish possible and go for a special glossy or matte nail effect.

French Manicure

A nail style that has endured the passage of time is the French manicure, another classic nail trend that will make you look well groomed at all your Christmas dinners and will accompany you during the celebration of the beginning of the New Year. To be a bit more original, you can replace the white of the nail tips with gold or silver lines.

Other fashion tips to sparkle on New Year's Eve

Sparkle on new year's eve with your nails thanks to these tips and recommendationsIf you want to wear trendy nails that stand out this end of the year, there are other factors that you can also consider. Firstly if your nails are not well kept and look disheveled no polish or design will look good. Make sure to cut, file, and care for your nails in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Secondly, when choosing the style of your manicure you should take into account the rest of your outfit. This way you will ensure that your nail art will match both your makeup and clothing.

Finally, try to reflect your personality and your style on your nails, especially if it is the last night of the year.

So you already know. Whether you choose classic colours, modern or minimalist designs, make your nails triumph on New Year's Eve!



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