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The types of perfumes that are most liked in the world have some common characteristics

The types of perfumes that you like the most (and that are ideal to give as gifts)

Why some perfumes are top sellers? What do they have to get us drunk and go crazy after them?

Yes, it is true that each of us has our tastes (and very varied), but there are some aromas that almost everyone likes, so we have started to investigate why. We are going to see what types of perfumes are the most liked, and in this way we will give you ideas so that you can give them to that special person.


Scents are the kings of evocation. Although we are not consciously aware of it, our subconscious captures the aromas of a place and keeps them under lock and key in a place in our memory. And when we smell them again .. boom! we are automatically transported to that moment when we smelled them.

Of course, master perfumers know the great power of evoking moments, since they provoke emotions, and emotions move the world. Therefore, they play with this a lot and create perfumes with ingredients that are very characteristic of certain times and places.

For example, aquatic perfumes that remind us of the sea, the summer, the freedom of being sailing on a boat and feeling the sea breeze on your face ... Synonyms of happiness, don't you think? Or for example the fougère perfumes, which transport you to a lush and secluded forest, which undoubtedly manages to relax and give peace to the wearer.


Other perfumes not only evoke moments, but their components directly affect the mood. Why don't you use the same fragrance to go to work as to go out there or to go to a romantic dinner?

There are some like these perfumes that attract positive energy that manage to give us a boost of energy to face the day to day with more enthusiasm, so they are ideal to go to work or to stand up to the routine. The citrus perfumes they are also ideal for this.

The intensity and the oriental and spicy aromas have many followers

On the other hand, oriental perfumes are much more sensual and intoxicating, so they are the best allies for a special night or to feel the center of all eyes on any occasion. They make you feel sexy and ravishing, which is why they are so successful. In fact, oriental floral perfumes are the favorites for women. Two of those who are always in the top sales are oursDIVAIN-187 or Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

 The equivalent to oriental floral perfumes for women in men, are the woody perfumes. These aromas are powerful and give the wearer body and presence, which is why they are also tremendously intoxicating. They never fail.

 They are formulated based on components such as oud, vetiver, wood or sandalwood. Some of the best woody perfumes for men are spicy ones, like our DIVAIN-010 or the fragrance Armani Code (DIVAIN-025).


It is normal that every time we have the opportunity we look for moments that add us to a state of peace and tranquility to escape from this crazy and dizzying world in which we live.

Some candles, good music and a glass of wine are ideal to achieve it, even more so if you accompany them with perfumes with the smell of talc or from clean smelling perfumes. Smells have the ability to relax and intoxicate us, especially if they are pleasant and specifically designed for it, as in this case.


The perfumes with pheromones they also have to do (and a lot) with which a perfume likes. Not in vain, pheromones are considered the drug of love and attraction.

Therefore the men's perfumes that attract women the most and the women's perfumes that drive men crazy they usually carry this substance, responsible for awakening attraction and passion.


Although there are many followers of mild perfumes (especially in times when the heat is pressing), the most intense fragrances continue to win by a landslide. And they are the ones that most intoxicate and trap our nose.

Within the world of perfumery there are different degrees of intensity, so that you will always be able to find a scent that suits you and your circumstances. In this article, you can see what the differences between perfume, cologne, eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

Citrus and fresh fragrances are very popular in summer.


Others that also have a lot to say are the olfactory families, that is, the classification of fragrances according to their main olfactory characteristic, either by their raw materials (flowers, woods, spices) or by their chords (oriental, Cyprus ...).

There are some super popular ones such as the floral olfactory family and others that, if you are not involved in the exciting world of perfume, will sound like Mandarin Chinese, such as the gourmand olfactory family or the musk.

The ones that we tell you that are most popular is because they have exquisite ingredients and that everyone likes, come on, the equivalents in the field of pizza or chocolate aromas.


We hope that this review on the types of perfume that you like the most, will help clarify your doubts if you do not know what new fragrance to try or if you have to give a gift to someone special. You will see how with any of them you will succeed!

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