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discover how to get a tan faster with these tricks

How to tan faster - the best tips and tricks

Summer is coming and with it one of the great dilemmas of the season: show off beautiful and super tanned skin. Because yes, nowadays, being dark is in fashion.

But… Is it worth losing your mind and doing anything to get a quick brunette in the summer? Of course not. Due to the deterioration of the ozone layer, the sun is more dangerous than ever, so we have to take care of our skin if we do not want to have scares in the future (such as melanomas or, in the best of cases, spots or aged skin).

So today, we present you the best tricks to get brunette fast but without your skin experiencing any risk.


Let's see, lover of the star king: it is not necessary that from the moment you get up until you go to bed you look for each of the rays of sun that you come across to affect your skin to make you brown faster.

You don't have to be a lizard, you can sit on a shady terrace to have a quiet drink, or eat under the umbrella on the beach and enjoy the moment without the heat leaving you half fainted. And it won't take you longer to tan. Especially if you follow these tips that we give you below:


Did you know that some foods accelerate tanning? What we eat influences everything (and more than we think). And, there are foods that contribute to the production of melanin, a natural pigment in our body that is mainly responsible for the coloring of the skin.

If you want to increase your melanin levels, take a daily juice with 3 carrots and 1 Orange for 3 weeks. You can also try other foods rich in carotenes and antioxidants such as tomatoes, strawberries, apricot, Cherry or the mango.

These products also help fight free radicals, protecting the skin from premature aging. Remember that fruit and vegetables they also help you stay well hydrated. In addition, we advise you to use a bronzer with carrot and coconut extracts.

Get a tan faster with this advice


To get a brunette quickly, one of the best things to do is exfoliate your skin a few days before sunbathing. Why? Well, because this way the layer of dead cells is eliminated, and therefore the skin tans better.

I said, do it a few days before (with 3 enough) since if you do it the same day that you are going to expose yourself to the sun, you will only get burned.

And if you want your tan to last longer, keep exfoliating your skin more gently, once a week.


To get color more safely it is important to sunbathe before 11 am and in the afternoon after 4 pm; since in the middle hours of the day it is even more aggressive.

And don't be in a hurry. Ideally, for the first few days you should be out in the sun for a maximum of 30 minutes. Slowly and with good handwriting, only then will you get a tan that will last until Christmas.


A well-hydrated skin is absolutely necessary for the tan to last over time.

So: drink lots of water, apply sunscreen (every two to three hours) when you are sunbathing and apply aftersun after showering, once you get home. This will prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and flaking, which completely spoils the tan.

how to get brown without risks



Whiter skin suffers more from the sun, so this is a good resource to get a quick brunette if you are very white. It consists of applying a self-tanning cream all over the body. The use of these products is very effective, since they have DHA, which is a substance capable of reacting with the amino acids present in the skin.

Self-tanners have no contraindications, although it is important to check that you are not allergic to any of the components of the product. Try it before on a small part of your body that is not visible. You will achieve the golden tone you always dreamed of without risks!


Under no circumstances do you sunbathe without first applying a good layer of sunscreenprotective. It is the most important of all, and ignore the false myth: sunscreen does NOT prevent you from going brown.

We get serious, but it is very important to protect the skin from the sun's rays, which are increasingly aggressive.

Sunscreen will be your best ally for your sunbathing sessions, it is a must that you can never miss in your beach or pool bag. And after finishing the session, don't forget to apply aftersun. And, if you take good care of your skin, you will not suffer burns and you will be able to sunbathe continuously without having to rest, so the tan will appear much earlier and will last longer.

And don't just protect your skin. Hair also suffers a lot from the sun's rays, so be sure to get yourself a good natural shampoo and with a conditioner or mask so it looks hydrated and beautiful all summer long.

Oh well, and before we finish, here are some popular homemade tricks that you should never ever do if you don't want to put your health at risk:

  •     No oilolive or sunflower while you sunbathe. Unless you have a fried egg complex. If you use any oil to accelerate the tan, make it specific for it.
  •     Do not apply Coca Cola or lemon either. These products not only do not promote the activation of melanin, but also cause the skin to burn.

Remember, skin has memory, so go brown, but always with a head!

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