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Types of manicure that you should know to set trends

5 Types of Manicures that are in fashion

As with fashion, trends in beauty treatments, such as makeup or manicure, change with each season. This is why today there are many types of manicure: American, Russian, French, etc.

For a long time the basic manicure, with neutral or transparent polishes, was the most popular. However, nowadays techniques have evolved and paraffin manicures, acrylic nails and colourful nail polish are some of the new manicure treatments in high demand in beauty the salon and spas.

If you want to get a new look for the nails on your hands and make your mark then below we talk in detail, about the different types of manicure and nails that are considered the best.

Best types of manicures to show off incredible nailsThe new French Manicure

The French manicure has undergone a change this; the white polish applied to the tips of the nails has now been replaced by vibrant colours. Many people choose to apply a line of polish, not only at the tip of the nail, but also to get one a long the cuticle line.
Red is the most popular colour for this new French manicure treatment, but you can choose any colour. We suggest whichever colour you like best. Why not try a different colour of polish on each finger nail of one hand.

Manicure with minimalist details

The minimal detail and simple nail adornments and accessories such as crystals and small pearls is another of the popular nail trends in 2020. These so-called Nail Art designs are part of this type of manicure and are often flower-shaped in design though there are many options in a nail salon.
To do a manicure of this type at home, apply a base polish and use details such as lines and dots to make designs on your nails to your liking.

List with the types of fashionable manicures and what they involveMetallic enamels

Metallic nail polish colours are no longer exclusive to the Christmas season. They are now classed as a basic shade of nail polish for your hands and nails to enjoy anytime. Metallic effect nail polish for your fingernails are available in various shades and with the reflection of the sun in summer your nails will look spectacular.
These polishes can be applied evenly, but are also used to create metallic details and designs according to the shape of your nails.

Colourful manicure

In this season, manicures made with vibrant, cheerful and fun nail polish is quite a popular trend. You can choose a single colour, but it has also become a popular manicure trend to paint each nail a different colour.
The vibrant red color is timeless, seductive and intense. But you can also play with different colours outside of your comfort zone, such as the vibrant yellow that representing the sun, electric blues like the sky or the sea, the color of nature and other bright colours like orange, magenta or fuchsia. You can try this with a basic paint or you can do the same with gel, shellac or acrylic nails too to get a long lasting manicure.

Nude toned manicure

A nude manicure will give your nails a simple, elegant style. It helps make your nails look long and apart from that the cost is less than shellac or gel nails although you can get this type of manicure in a gel or shellac nail too.
These shades, along with a layer of clear nail polish, add a lot more shine to your hands.
For this type of manicure to be able to look it's best it is important that your nails in good condition, which requires regular basic care.

When it comes to beauty treatments, the sky is the limit. These trends are ideal suggestions if you want to be up to date, but remember, you can always put your imagination to work and combine various types of manicures to show off your own custom designs adapted to the shape of your nails. Put your imagination to the test!

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