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Discover the best ideas to combine makeup for green dress

The Best Makeup for a Green Dress

The colour Green is representative of nature, tranquility, prestige and harmony. When we wear this colour we evoke youth, confidence and even happiness in the people around you. Therefore, when wearing a green dress it is a good idea to find the perfect makeup and ideal accessories to enhance the look created by this refreshing colour and get the most out of it.

We give you the best tips and advice on the ideal makeup for different types of green dresses.

Types of makeup for a green dress

If you want your green clothing to stand out whether it is a dress or a top, you can accompany it with makeup in coral, brown or even nude shades like beige. If you are feeling daring and seductive, pink and fire red shades are a great option for your face.

The best makeup for a green dress that will make your look stand outMakeup for an elegant green evening or wedding style dress

Here we give you a makeup idea for a glamorous and elegant green dress, ideal for a night out, a wedding or a special event. It will make you feel spectacular!

  • Skin: first, wash your face well and apply a moisturiser. Add a good makeup base according to your skin type and tone. If you have one or two spots, we recommend using a darker base.
  • Eyes: go for a feline look with the help of a smokey style or foxy eyes. Eye Liner and neutral nude eyeshadow can illuminate your face. Finish off with a good coat of mascara to open the eye up. You can also include false eye lashes to enhance your natural beauty
  • Cheekbones: Highlighting your cheekbones is important in beauty. Putting some highlighter or blush on the cheekbone will make them stand out giving shape and definition.
  • Lips: If the afternoon includes lunch or dinner, wear a long lasting pink or coral lipstick. Don't forget to hydrate your your lips with a lip balm beforehand for the perfect lip look, and using a lip lines is a great option to make the lip fuller where necessary.

Casual green dress

If you don't want your look to be too flashy, but you want to keep a flirty side to your style, we recommend using a black or brown eye liner for your eyes and applying a soft eyeshadow. You can also add a little mascara on your eye lashes (not forgetting the lower eye lashes) to give depth to your look.

Finally, go for a healthy and luminous appearance with a light foundation for your skin, translucent powders in the T zone (forehead, nose and chin), a natural blush or blush and a lip stick in a nude colour.

Makeup for a bottle green dress

If your dress is bottle green and you don't know what colours to use in your makeup, don't worry, brown tones will be your best ally. Here we leave you 2 options:

  1. Use a soft eyeshadow in a brown shade and a brown rather than black mascara to enhance the look. And don't forget to apply a red or maroon lip stick with matching lip liner.
  2. Apply dark shadows in brown tones to make smokey eyes and outline the eye with black eye liner and mascara. Finish with nude or a soft toned lip colour so that what stands out is mainly your eye area.

Tips on how to wear the best makeup for green dressTips and advice for a perfect makeup

Regardless of the types of makeup you choose, remember that for your look to be perfect you must make sure you prepare your skin well before applying any product. For this reason, here are some simple tips that you can carry out to show off spectacular skin:

  • Use a simple toner.
  • Apply a moisturiser before using your makeup base.
  • Choose a foundation that is ideal for your skin type and that is the same skin tone.
  • If you want the colour of your eyeshadow to be more powerful, use the tips of your fingers to place it on the eyelid.
  • Use a hydrating balm 5 minutes before applying any lipstick.

How to wear a green dress

In addition to the perfect makeup, there are other elements of the outfit that you must combine with your green dress to look spectacular. Therefore, below we give you some recommendations to complete your look.

Denim jacket

Denim or denim jackets go perfectly with any shade of green. If you are looking for a fun, youthful and casual look, don't forget to add this type of jacket to your outfit.

Accessories in brown tones

Most shades of brown go very well with green. If you have boots, sandals, belts or bags in this colour, feel free to wear them with your dress. This contrast is a winner!

Experimenting with fun colours

Although silver or gold is always a good option, do not rule out the idea of ​​using other more striking colours in your accessories or jewellery. Orange, mustard, pink, or even a multi-coloured pattern, can make your green dress stand out like no other.

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