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Discover the basic makeup kit for beginners

Basic makeup kit for beginners: the 10 must-haves

The variety of products that you can find in the world of beauty is so great that, if you are a beginner, surely you do not even know where to start. Despite the countless types of cosmetics on the market, there are some basics with which you can get a perfect makeup for your day to day.

At DIVAIN we are going to tell you step by step what products you need for a basic makeup kit and how to correctly use each of the cosmetics that we show you below. Take note!

Basic makeup and how to use them

As we told you before, you don't need to apply hundreds of products on your skin to achieve an impressive look. Here we leave you what are the essentials of a makeup set and how to use them properly.

Moisturizing cream

The first and very important step before starting to put on any part of your face is to clean and hydrate the area well, especially if you have dry skin. In addition to keeping it elastic and taking care of it, this will prevent the makeup from cracking or the opposite effect from occurring and the signs of aging or fine lines from being even more noticeable.

Essential products for a basic makeup and how to use them

Makeup Sponge

Another important product that we recommend you keep in mind is a makeup sponge. Although you can apply the foundation perfectly with your fingertips, the sponge makes it spread and blend much better, achieving a perfect finish.


Although you can skip this step if you do not have many blemishes, we advise you to use a concealer for pimples and redness and another for dark circles. In both cases you should apply it before the foundation, although you can also add the concealer for dark circles afterwards. By the way! In this post we give you some tricks to apply concealer for dark circles.

Make-up foundation

The makeup foundation you choose should match your skin tone for a more natural effect. If you have oily skin, opt for a base with a matte effect to eliminate shine and if your skin is dry then go for one with a luminous finish. You can also brush on translucent powder to set the foundation.

As you are a beginner, you probably do not want to spend a lot of money on this product, so we recommend that you take a look at this article with the Best Low Cost makeup bases.

Basics for a beginner's makeup

Blush and highlighter

After the foundation, color your face with a blush. Choose a color that is as natural as possible and apply it in the "apple zone". You can also use a highlighter in the "T-zone" of the face (forehead, nose and cheekbones) to further highlight your features.

Eyeliner or eye pencil

For the eye area, one of the essentials that cannot be missing from your makeup kit is the eyeliner to enhance your look. You can buy a liquid eyeliner, but if you are a beginner we advise you to opt for the classic option of the black pencil, much more manageable and easy to apply. You can outline the lower part of the eye, the upper lash line, or both.


Add depth to your look with basic shades of neutral tones that you can wear on any occasion. If you are looking for something more professional, visit our post about the best eyeshadow palettes. You will love them!


Make the most of your eyes and achieve the perfect volume by applying a layer of black mascara. You can also opt for false eyelashes, but they are more complicated to put on and if you are a beginner the best is the first option.

We recommend that you combine your mascara with an eyelash serum. In this way you will keep them healthy, strong and prevent them from falling or spoiling over time. Here we tell you what the best serum for your lashes to get stronger.


And of course, in the basic makeup kit you cannot miss a pair of lipsticks to get perfect and irresistible lips. Opt for nudes and natural tones for your day to day and for more intense colors such as red for special occasions or events.


To apply makeup, in addition to the foundation sponge, you will need at least three types of brushes for other cosmetics. Choose a synthetic hair one for the creams, a smaller one for the highlighter and finally a blending brush for the shadows.

And don't forget it. Before going to sleep, remove your makeup properly to maintain healthy and youthful skin. Here you will find 4 make-up removers that take care of and clean your face. What are you waiting for to start your first steps in makeup?

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