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Know the different types of lips that exist and recognize which are yours

10 Types of Women's Lips and how to apply makeup

The shape of a person's mouth can tell you a lot about them, from their personality to how they are in their relationships. As well as just full or thin lips, there are other types of lips we should identify for you to know which are most similar to yours and help you know how to paint them so they are the protagonists of your face.

Thin Lips

Thinner lips do have their charm, a person with this type of mouth tends to add volume naturally. To make them look thicker, try to play with more than two shades of lipstick. You will create an effect of depth from the center towards the ends of the lip. You can also line your lips a little further outside their actual line to add dimension.

Full Lips

These lips are the most seductive and often become the center of attention. If you are a daring woman, opt for intense red tones to highlight your volume even more. If instead you want to highlight your eye makeup, choose lipstick with nude tones, perhaps an idea for work days.

Types of women's lips and tricks to make them up and get the most out of each onePronounced Cupid Bow Lips

Girls who have lips with a pronounced cupid's bow usually have a flirty personality. People with this type of heart-shaped lips lend themselves to almost any makeup style, but if you want to make an impact we recommend using dark colours or a passionate red that will look incredible with the defined arch shape of your mouth.

Undefined Cupid Bow Lips

These lips imply that the cupid's bow on the upper lip is somewhat blurred. The cupid line is always very attractive, so if you like to seduce, we recommend using lip liners to give more definition to this part of your lip.

Upper lip fuller than lower lip

Some people have a lower lip smaller than the upper one. It may seem strange, but in fact it is very attractive, it is a characteristic that many actresses and celebrities, considered as the sexiest women have. To make up, opt for burgundy and brown colours in earthy tones that will make a fuller looking mouth.

Medium Thick Lips

People with medium thick lips can thankfully wear all kinds of makeup and look amazing. If you have this shape, don't be afraid to explore nudes, browns, passionate red, pinks, and even shades like blue and green.

Different types of women's lips and how to apply makeupThick Lips in the Center

When a person has this type of mouth, thick lips are observed especially in the center area, automatically creating a rounded cupid's bow. These types of lips are what everyone wants, so make the most of them with shades of fiery or burnt red.

Wide or stretched lips

For those people wide lips, it is frequent that the upper lip or both lips look quite elongated. Depending on how stretched and large looking your lips are in proportion to the rest of your face, you can use different types of lipstick. We recommend shades similar to your skin or one shade darker than you skin.

Curled Down Lips

People with lips curved slightly or moderately downwards often have thin lips, but with nude or brown lip liners and gloss you can increase their volume and change the curvature upwards if you wish to. This is the natural way to get a filler.😉

Lips Curled Up

These appear when both the upper and lower lips are slightly curved up. Most women with this profile have a small mouth and pink and coral tones are recommended.

Now that you know the types of lips that exist among women, it will be easier for you to know how to apply makeup to get the most out of them and always wear a perfect smile full of personality.

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