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Infallible tricks to remove dye stains on the skin

How to remove Hair Dye stains from your Skin at Home

Dyeing your hair at home is a great option if you know what you are doing as it is practical and inexpensive. There are also many people who choose to give their clothes a makeover by dyeing them a completely different colour.

No matter how clever or cunning you are ... it is quite likely that at some point you will miss a trick and get hair colour on your skin... and it's a bit of a pain! So, today we want to help and give you a series of tricks to remove any hair dye stain from your skin. Read on!


You will love these home remedies to get rid of any stains, because in addition to being quick and simple, they are infallible! Neither your face around your hairline or your scalp will suffer any more when you try to dye your hair at home.

Keep in mind that the sooner you get to work on to remove the stain, the easier it will be to remove as the colour will not have penetrated the skin as deeply as when it is left.

Removing hair colour from your face has never been easierBICARBONATE OF SODA

Sodium bicarbonate is a good ally to remove hair dye from your skin at home, since it is an excellent natural cleanser. Mix it with a neutral soap and lemon juice in equal parts to help, moisten a washcloth in the mixture and gently rub the area of skin you wish to treat. Once the hair colour stain has been removed, rinse the skin well and be sure to moisturise it well.


Hydrogen peroxide not only works as a disinfectant, but also as a stain remover for certain things, and hair dye and clothes dye is one of them. Soak a cotton ball with plenty of hydrogen peroxide and rub gently on the area you want to remove the hair colour from.


Vaseline is a product that everyone should have at home. it is useful for many things, and can even help to remove hair dye from your face and neck, as its properties mean it is absorbed quickly. Apply it with cotton wool along the hairline, or stained area, let it act for a few seconds and when you see that it has turned the colour of the hair dye, remove it with a damp cloth. And ... voilà! Goodbye stains.


Toothpaste is a powerful cleaning agent and dye remover too. Apply toothpaste on the area stained with hair colour, massage gently for a couple of minutes and rinse well with warm water. Try repeating the process several times if you see that the stain is very intense and does not get rid of the hair dye.


The oily texture of baby oil is ideal remover for hair dye stains on your skin. Just a few drops on your skin or some cotton and rubbing gently around the hairline will magic your skin back to normal.

Dyeing hair or clothes is an excellent solution to change your styleMAKE-UP REMOVER

As with baby oil, makeup removers are usually suitable for removing hair dye from the face and neck or hands, as they are designed to remove makeup, a beauty product similar to hair dye.


This can also be very effective against hair dye stains. Make sure to choose one that is not perfumed or coloured as this can irritate your skin.

Apply directly to the skin, rub in well and rinse with warm water. Repeat the process several times to remove the hair colour completely. If the stain does not disappear try putting moisturiser on your hands and try again. The combination of these two together is very effective.


As the saying goes "prevention is better than cure", so we want to give you a series of tips to prevent your getting any hair colour on your skin int he first place.
The best thing to avoid this is that you have the right tools to dye, either hair or clothes. Make sure you have brushes specially designed for dyeing or some good gloves that protect your hands.

If you are going to dye your hair, try to apply moisturiser, baby oil, other oil or vaseline or similar to the areas that may be most affected beforehand, (the face, the hairline, the ears, the neck and the nape) . The composition of these products will prevent the dye from sticking to the skin.

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