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Discover the steps to follow to make a homemade and natural rose water

How to make rose water: preparation and benefits

Rose water is a homemade beauty product that has been used since for many years thanks to its pleasant aroma and beneficial properties. This natural facial toner removes dead cells, delays ageing, hydrates and helps tissue heal making your skin beautiful.

If you want to know more about it, then we will tell you all about the benefits of rosewater and also a short step by step method on how to make homemade rosewater with our recipe.

What is rosewater for and what are its benefits

How to make rose water and what it is forRose water is a beauty product widely used for the treatment of various conditions thanks to the innumerable benefits it provides. These are only some of them:
  • Relieve headaches: add rosewater to a damp cloth and place on the forehead. Leave it on for a few minutes until the migraines disappear.
  • Eliminate stress: it's soft, sweet and fresh fragrance gives it incredible relaxing effect.
  • Reduces skin blemishes: applying this recipe to the skin helps lighten blemishes, while moisturising it. A Rosewater recipe can be used to reduce red stretch marks which is why we frequently find rosewater in different types of moisturising creams.
  • It is an antioxidant: thanks to its high content of vitamin C and E, it is a recipe and product that helps fight free radicals and prevent premature ageing.This is because rose water stimulates collagen production and reduces fine lines. Rose water is also ideal for all skin types.
  • It is a facial cleanser: this water serves as a tonic due to its high content of vitamin B and pectin. It is excellent for a good facial cleansing, as it helps fight acne, removes blackheads and allows make up to set.
  • Eliminates dark circles: rose water an anti-inflammatory and has a cleansing effect and can help make dark circles caused by fatigue disappear or fade. To do this, you need to apply just a few drops to this area of ​​the face twice a day and make gentle circular movements.
There are also many other benefits of rose water making it a product used as a natural remedy to improve other aspects of our health:
  • Astringent properties:rose water can help relieve inflammation around the eyes. Its direct application or also just as an infusion provides almost immediate effects.
  • Digestive: rose petals help fight certain digestive conditions such as constipation. You can add these petals to a lot of recipes like salads or side dishes for main dishes and it will give your recipes an aromatic and designer touch!
  • Rose petals and rose water can reduce coughs, colds and other symptoms of the flu: to do this you need to make an infusion with the fruits from the rose bush.

How to make homemade rose water

how-to-make-rose-waters-benefitsIf you want to include rose water in your beauty routine the most economical way to do so is making it at home. Read on and we will tell you what you need to make this recipe and the best method to get just the right results.


Making Rose water required the following ingredients:
  • 500 grams of fresh rose petals (preferably Damascus rose or Damask rose)
  • 500 milliliters of distilled water, which you can easily buy at any pharmacy or supermarket.
  • A bowl or saucepan with a lid.
  • A glass bottle or jar with a tight seal.


Follow the method below to make your perfect homemade rose water recipes:
  1. Select half a kilo of rose petals, as fresh as possible.
  2. Fill a pot or saucepan with half a litre of distilled water, add the petals and cook over high heat.
  3. Once you get it boiling, lower the heat keeping the pot covered so the steam does not escape. This step is very important because the essential rose oils are concentrated in the steam
  4. Simmer the water with the petals for 8-10 minutes and then turn it off.
  5. Let the liquid rest with the pan covered for an hour until it infuses.
  6. Strain the liquid so that you only have the water and remove the roses petals.
  7. Put the rose water in a tightly covered jar or glass bottle and store it in the fridge. You can get to work with your new rose water the next day!
And don't forget that at DIVAIN we have the best rose perfumes for your skin. Our Agua Fresca de Rosas by Adolfo Dominguez (DIVAIN-086) or L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake (DIVAIN-109) are just some of the fragrances made with roses that will transport you to a world full of fresh, floral elegance,
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