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How to combine leather leggings for women

How to combine leather leggings [6 looks for success]

Leather leggings are a must-have and a trend of the autumn-winter season. It is a very versatile garment that can be easily combined with other garments to create very different outfits: casual, elegant, seductive, rocker... the possibilities are endless!

How to match leather leggings for women

Here are a few ideas of looks with leather leggings to make a statement - choose the ones that best suit your style and personality, and dazzle wherever you go!

Look 1: Leather leggings + denim shirt

A basic among basics. This look is one of the most popular ways to combine leather leggings, as everyone has a denim shirt in their wardrobe. Add a pair of white trainers, or go for a pair of knee-high boots.

This combination creates a very comfortable casual outfit, ideal to wear in your day-to-day life, at a get-together with friends, to go to work or simply for a stroll through the streets of your city. Also, it looks perfect on any body type and you can wear the shirt inside the leggings or outside if you want a more oversized style, it's your choice!

Look ideas to match your leather leggings

Look 2: Leather leggings + shirt + blazer

If you're looking for a more elegant and formal look with leggings, then pair them with a plain shirt and blazer. If it's a business dinner or an event, then choose a white shirt and a black blazer to match the leggings. Complete the outfit with black boots or heels. If you're going to wear it during the day, you can try a blazer in a more bright and funky colour or a white blazer to brighten up your style.

Look 3: Leather leggings + hoodies

If you want to show off your leather leggings without compromising on comfort, we recommend you opt for a sporty style. Choose a trendy oversized sweatshirt and combine it with your favourite trainers. You can wear a denim jacket to give a different touch to the look.

Look 4: Leather leggings + Sweaters

For colder days, you can choose a jumper in bright colours or a variety of prints for a youthful and cheerful tone. Or opt for an oversized wool jumper in beige or pastel tones for a more elegant style. This look that we propose to wear your leather leggings, is very comfortable and versatile and you can combine it with any type of shoes, from simple ballerinas to heels that stylize your legs and bring out your most seductive side.

Look 5: Leggins + black leather jacket

Pair your leggings with a black leather jacket for a rock 'n' roll look. Choose a pair of matching high boots and have a crazy night out like a rock star. You can also opt for a leather jacket in a different colour for an even cooler look.

Look 6: Leather leggings + stripes

Stripes are a great option if you want a spring look that goes well with your black leather leggings. You can choose a striped blouse or shirt in the colour of your choice. Opt for heeled sandals to slim your figure and top it all off with an oversized bag.

Best outfits and trends to wear with your black leather leggings

2 perfumes to wear with leather leggings

Your outfits with leather leggings can't be without a scent that captivates, seduces and matches your personality. Here are 2 tempting options that are in fashion and that you're sure to love.

DIVAIN-542, similar to Black Orchid by Tom Ford

DIVAIN-542, similar to Black Orchid by Tom Ford, perfect for evening wear. A very feminine women's fragrance that will bring a mysterious and very striking touch to your look. A floral scent with oriental touches in which ingredients as addictive and elegant as jasmine, sandalwood or vanilla combine perfectly to create a tremendously irresistible perfume.

DIVAIN-906, similar to Love, Don't Be Shy by Kilian

Our last recommendation for your look with leather leggings is one of the perfumes from our most exclusive and limited collection: DIVAIN-906, similar to Love, Don't Be Shy by Kilian. A perfect combination of sensuality and tenderness, it will move you as soon as it touches your skin. Its scent features an elegant rose wrapped in the softness of honeysuckle and azhar. Topped off with a chord of sweet and delicious notes of vanilla, sugar and caramel, you won't be able to resist this temptation!

Now that you know the best fashion trends and how to combine your black leather leggings, what are you waiting for to go out? Triumph wherever you go and let nothing and nobody stop you!

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