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Best actions to start being a sustainable company

7 Tips to be a sustainable company

More and more companies are committed to society and the environment, with the aim of generating a positive impact to help improving the well-being and progress of present and future generations. And, like us, many of them already have their own strategic plans based on sustainability.

We from DIVAIN will suggest a few actions that you carry out to become a sustainable company as well. Your customers and the planet will thank you. Pay attention!

What is a sustainable company?

A sustainable company is one that carries out actions and policies whilst taking their economic, social and environmental responsibility, with the aim of generating a positive impact on its environment. For example, they try to reduce the carbon footprint, generate less waste, recycle or promote a healthier life to avoid the deterioration of the environment and society.

At DIVAIN we love the planet and that is why we invite you to learn more about our actions and commitments to the environment. Get inspired!

Tips on how to be a sustainable company

How to be a sustainable company?

Here we will give you 7 practical tips to start being a sustainable company.

Control energy consumption

Keep track of your company's energy consumption and carry out measures to reduce this . Make the most of sunlight, regulate the room temperature efficiently and do not misuse the heating or air conditioning. Likewise, check out if it is necessary to change the air conditioning equipment to others with lower energy consumption.

On the other hand, turn off and unplug equipment and machines when no one is using them. You have no idea of the energy consumption of a copier or printer can have, even if they are turned off.

By the way! Here you can find our post with the best tips to save energy, both in the work environment and in your own home.

Choose local or suppliers close by

Choose to hire local or suppliers close by that act responsible with regards to the environment. Ideally, your products should be made with sustainable raw materials and have an organic certification seal.

What is a sustainable company?

Environmental training

It is essential to make your employees aware of the environmental impact that a company can have. Organize educational campaigns about the environment and promote a sustainable work environment.

Encourage small actions that help the planet, such as each employee having their own cup or thermos for coffee, instead of using disposable cups. Also, put up creative reminders or posters in the different facilities reminding you of the importance of recycling or turning off the lights when you go out.

Sustainable transportation

Whenever possible, choose to transport your products by road to minimize your carbon footprint, as air and sea transport are much more polluting.

On the other hand, organize shifts so that your employees can share transport or promote the use of sustainable transport such as electric or hybrid vehicles. Also, try to encourage public transport or cycling for trips to the office.


  • Teleworking: whenever feasible, promote teleworking in your company, either permanently or for a few days a month. In the same way, think twice about the necessity of a business trip and think about possibilities of a videoconference or a phone call.
  • Save paper: reduce paper use by promoting digitization. Why use filing cabinets full of documents when you can store thousands of files on a computer? Print only what is strictly necessary and you will help avoid deforestation problems and climate change. Also, if you cannot avoid its use, opt for recycled paper that requires much less resources to manufacture.
  • Online advertising: although this will depend on the type of business, you can bet on online advertising, instead of brochures or print ads.

Sustainable or reusable packaging

Reduce the environmental impact of the entire production process, by using for example renewable energy sources. Similarly, use materials for the manufacture of your products and packaging that are ecological and reusable or biodegradable.

Waste management

In a company it is essential that there is a waste management policy that minimizes the impact of industrial activity on the environment as much as possible. Put aside the "use and throw" and put into practice the rule of the 3Rs: reduce the number of waste generated, recycle and reuse everything you can.

Reduce the environmental impact of the industrial activity of your business by carrying out these actions and becoming a sustainable company. Don't forget, the future of the planet is in our hands. #PlanetFirst

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