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Discover how to make homemade perfume easily and cheaply

How to make a Homemade perfume-Ingredients and steps to follow

Perfumes have become almost essential in the daily lives of many people, since they add a fresh and unique touch to our personality.
Unfortunately, the reality is that many perfumes are often expensive and made from materials that are harmful to health and the environment. Therefore, in this article we want to talk about how to make a 100% natural and DIY perfume.

Ingredients and necessary instruments

How to make a natural homemade perfume and necessary ingredientsWe could say that natural perfumes have always existed, since fragrances from nature have been used since ancient times to find the sweetest and most delicious scents.
Although the materials to make a DIY perfume or cologne can vary depending on the type of fragrance you want to make, the basic ingredients that you will need are the following:

  1. Glass bottle: A glass bottle is the perfect way to store your DIY perfume preserving the scent notes of the oils. You need to ensure the glass bottle(s) you are using are the right size to go with your fragrance recipe.
  2. 96% alcohol: This is concentrated alcohol that you can find in most pharmacies. This will allow the essential oils you are using in your perfume recipe to disperse and be well maintained.If you wish to make a cologne instead of a perfume, to have a more discreet sent you can reduce the percentage of alcohol by adding a little demineralised water, glycerin and even distilled water.
  3. Natural essence notes: These will be in charge of providing the fragrance or scent to your perfume. For example, if you want to prepare a rose perfume, you can use natural rose essence oil and have a powerful and pleasant base note.The number of drops of essential oil will depend on the intensity you want your fragrance to have. The more essential oils or natural essence oil you add, the stronger the scent. This way, you can prepare DIY scents for men, women or children, depending on the amount and type of oils you choose for your recipe.
  4. Dimethicone and liquid dye (optional). These elements are not necessary to make your homemade fragrance, you can decide to use them or not. Dimethicone is a compound known to be a fixative that allows the scent of a perfume to last longer. In turn, the liquid coloring will add color and a unique touch to your home fragrance.

How to make a homemade fragrance step by step

Steps to follow to make homemade perfumeOnce you have all the necessary ingredients, it is time to start making your homemade scents. Here we explain how, step by step.

  1. Firstly place the alcohol in the bottle. This should be 70% of the total amount of the perfumes you wish to prepare. For example, if you want to make 100 ml of perfume, then you will be using 70 ml of alcohol. If you want to make a cologne, don't forget to mix the alcohol with water (distilled or demineralized) before pouring it into the bottle.
  2. Move on to add the oils or natural essences, which will be in charge of giving a fresh scent to your perfume. It is recommended to add an amount equivalent to 30% of the total perfume you want to make. For example, if you want to make a 100 ml perfume, you will have to add 30 ml of natural essences.Keep in mind that a fragrance has three different levels of notes that are created with essential oils: top notes, heart notes and base notes.
  3. You can choose add one drop of dimethicone and liquid coloring for every 100 ml of perfume that you are going to prepare. This will give your fragrance a special touch.
  4. The next step is to close the glass bottle and mix the ingredients well to let everything mix well for about a week. You should keep the bottle in a cool place where sunlight will not reach it, as this will ensure that the oils providing the scent intensify.
  5. After a week's time, you can start enjoying your own 100% natural homemade perfume.

So you can see making a natural perfume is very simple and inexpensive. You only need a few materials that are easy to find in the shops or online.

By following the steps one by one and adding the appropriate amounts of oils and each ingredient, you will be able to create your own homemade perfumes adapted to your taste. Get down to work and create the best personalised fragrances!

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