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How to dress for a communion is one of the dilemmas of fashion

How to Dress for a communion:Tips to get the dress code right

Have you ever wondered how to dress to a communion? It is one of those occasions when you want to buy a new dress to have an outfit with style whilst still being careful to meet the dress code as a communion is of course, a family occasion with children.

For this reason, today we are going to give you some advice about the outfits to shop for to be in fashion and have style whilst being well dressed for this special occasion.

Etiquette as to how to dress for a First Communion

If you want to get your style right, follow these simple steps. Simplicity and elegance is key:

Keep it respectable

It is a religious occasion that is celebrated in a family orientated environment, so you should forget about long dresses, ball gown dresses, feathers, glitters and rhinestones. Don't be a div! Sobriety and elegance should be the adjectives that define the outfits you wear.

Midi dresses and two-piece suits - whether you buy them as trousers or skirts are great. This outfit is the best options to wear to a communion. Flared dresses are also suitable for this type of event, as they represent femininity and delicacy. They also feel great everyone no matter your body type.

Follow these tricks and you will be the perfect guest to a communionColors

As with weddings, it is not advised to buy anything white, (not to say that it is totally prohibited), and neither is black (although we love it and it is super sophisticated, it doesn't suit this type of special event).

There is however a great range of colours to choose from. Great colours for your new outfit are pastel tones such as dusty pink, violet, beige or blue in its many tones, (navy blue, sky blue ...).

Flashy accessories prohibited

Avoid any flashy new accessories such as, headdresses or hats. As mentioned already, it is a sober yet elegant gathering, so these type of accessories will be out of place. By all means accessories such as headbands, a pretty hair clip or scarf, your outfit will be right on point.


Forget about heading to the shop for a new maxi bags or clutch, the latter are for outfits at much more formal and festive celebrations. The most suitable bag that you can take to a communion is one with a short strap or a half style handle.

Shoes and Footwear

If you are a lover of heels, don't worry, you can wear heeled shoes with a communion outfit no problem. In fact, they will add a touch of style, fashion and femininity to your look and compensate for the lack of flashy accessories. The most suitable footwear would be court shoes, some peep-toes, or even some sandals; since these events often take place in spring.

A good perfume

Of course, you can't miss the chance to buy a good perfume that gives the final touch to your outfit and personalised style. Opt for scents that belong to the floral olfactory family for a sober and fresh touch of beauty.

How to dress for my Childs' Communion?

Pastel tones and midi dresses are your best alliesIf your son or daughter is having their first communion, we are sure you are going to take a lot of photos and have the spot light on you whilst supporting your little one through their special occasion. Of course you want to look fantastic as well as successful and elegant.

If this is the case, we recommend you shop for a midi dress. If you prefer to wear a skirt, we suggest a below the knee option. The ideal, is to combine it with a plain top or even a printed top, (as long as it is simple and not too flashy). Perfect patterns are floral, striped, (like a pinstripe), or polka dots. We suggest you stay away from animal-print and ethnic and camouflage prints.

Ideas for dressing to a Communion as a Guest

If you want to be the perfect communion guest, we suggest you wear a nice two-piece suit. This set has everything, it is feminine as well as sober and elegant. Apart form this, suits are perfect with heeled shoes and will give a feminine touch to your outfit.

This is the perfect communion option, but if you do not want to wear trousers, and you are not convinced, you can always opt for a short dress, (though not too short), or a midi dress.

We hope that this series of fashion tips will solve any doubts on dresses or footwear for this special occasion and make you are the talk of the party.

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