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Strength training at home is the best way to achieve a dream body

The Best Strength Training At Home To Tone Your Body

The fitness fever is here to stay! Being healthy and feeling good about ourselves are the pillars for us to face life with more optimism and joy. Yes? That's why today, we bring you super easy and entertaining strength training at home. So there will be no excuses for not being in shape!

This training at home without material is designed so that you can do it comfortably without leaving home and without having to use anything.You will only work with the weight of your body! Also, you can complement it with these exercises to improve flexibility and do some cardio (run, walk at a good pace, go out with the bike ...). You will see how the transformation of your body is even faster.

Why you should encourage yourself to strength train

Many people do not dare to do strength training for fear of marking their muscles too much and end up looking like a bodybuilder, but they are very wrong.

Strength training serves much more than toning and firming muscle mass as it helps improve physical quality. If we have strong muscles, they will be faster and more resistant when doing other types of workouts, thus obtaining better results.

In addition, the stronger our muscles, the less likely we are to suffer injuries and they will help us maintain good posture.

Now, let's go with the training!

Full body workout at home

If you want to do a complete workout in which you work all the muscles of your body, this full body workout at home without material is ideal for you.

Do these exercises about three times a week and say hello to the dream body you've always wanted (and if you combine them with these slimming  creams, best!). Full body training is divided into these three blocks.

Training arms and back at home

Even if you link the upper body exercises with gym machines and weights, you can do them perfectly at home. How? Through this series of exercises:

Biceps curl

To train your biceps at home, the best exercise you can do is take a few carafes of water or milk cartons and use them as dumbbells. Do the typical curl movement, extending your arms down (never completely to avoid injuring your elbows) and flexing them up until the carafe or bottle is level with your face. Repeat as many times as you want (but at least 10) and do 4 series.

Leg exercises. arms and abs make up a full body workout

Triceps Dips

Another exercise to work your arms at home is the tricep dips. And also in this you do not need any material. You will simply have to stand with your back to a chair and bend your legs until you can rest your hands on it. Lower your torso until your arms are at a 90º angle. No more no less. Do 4 sets of 15 reps.

The more bent your legs are, the less effort your arms will have to do, so stretch them well, without fear!

Eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water is absolutely necessary to be in shape


To train your back at home, do push-ups! Sure you know what they are (unless you are an extraterrestrial) but we give you a series of guidelines so that you do them well.

  •     Align your body from heels to head with the balls of your feet and hands on the ground.
  •     Spread your hands so that they are at shoulder height and close to the torso.
  •     Supported on the hands and the balls of the feet, it goes up and down bringing the chest closer to the ground but without touching it.
  •     Repeat this movement 10 times and do four sets.

At first It is normal not to be able to rise, so rest your knees on the ground until your muscles gain strength.

Upper body exercises train the arms, chest, and back

Leg training at home

If you want to get some killer legs and glutes, opt to do more lower body exercises. These are the best you can do to train your leg at home.


Squats are the king of the lower body exercise. Simple and super effective, they tone the muscles of these limbs like no other exercise does.

To do them you simply have to open your legs at the hips and lower your torso with your back straight, letting your legs form a 90º angle (as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair). Of course, be careful and do not allow your knees to protrude from the balls of your feet, because if that happens, you will be doing the exercise wrong and you could injure yourself.

There are many other types of squats, such as sumo squats, in which the opening is much wider; or fully closed squats, in which you have to go down with your feet together. Whatever you do, do 4 sets of at least 15 repetitions so you can start seeing results as soon as possible.

Lower Body Exercises Train Your Legs and Glutes


The lunges are one of the most complete leg and glute exercises.

Stand up straight and stride forward as you lower your other leg, letting your knee practically touch the ground. The one taking the stride has to be at an angle of 90º. Do 4 sets of 15 reps with each one.

You can train well at home without using nothing

Quadruped leg raise

Get into a quadruped position and raise one leg maintaining its 90º position until the back and said leg are at the same height. Also do 4 sets of 15 repetitions on each leg.

Work out abs at home

Abs exercises cannot be absent from a full body workout at home worth its salt. In addition to the abdominal crunch (the typical lifelong abdominal exercise in which, lying down with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground, you raise your trunk); We propose you a more super effective pair.

Do them and you will see how your abs go to the next level and the long-awaited 6 pack (or chocolate bar in common jargon) begins to be a reality.


If squats are the queens of leg exercises, the plank is king of abs. To do this, lie on your stomach, lean on your forearms and the balls of your feet, and raise your torso until it is in an aligned position. Stay in a static position for at least 30 seconds and repeat four times.

Important! Keep the glutes parallel to the trunk to perform the exercise well, since they tend to rise so that the effort is less, but it is not what we want.

Does it sting right? But it will be worth it to be able to show off a flat stomach.

The abs are one of the most difficult areas to exercise

Raised legs

This exercise for abs at home is another of the best you can do. It's super simple: just lie on your back and raise your legs without bending until you form a 45º angle between your legs and the ground. Now comes the effort: lower them slowly until they are a few inches from the ground (do not touch it) and raise them again. Repeat this 15 times and do four sets.

And c'est fini! You have now finished your strength training at home. Be consistent and you will achieve incredible results!

Combining strength exercises with cardio is Combining strength exercises with cardio is the trick to fitnessthe trick to fitness

Do not forget that to get in shape it is not enough to crush yourself while exercising, but you have to complement it with a healthy diet (rich in real food such as protein fruits, meat, fish ...) and drink a lot of water (if you are not a fan of water, look at these 8 benefits of drinking water daily and you'll see how you change your mind).

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