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Find out which are the best home air fresheners on the market

The Best Air Fresheners for your Home

Air fresheners have become a popular essential for our homes these days. Capable of giving your home personality and a pleasant scent they provide an element of comfort and we are now using them more and more to add character to a room. Whether looking for a fragrance for the kitchen, bedroom or living room, it's important to know which scent best matches your home.

Since at DIVAIN we are experts in fragrances, below we have prepared a guide with a few tips about how to choose the right air freshener for your home and which are the best to buy.

Which is the best Air freshener to buy?

When choosing the best air freshener for your home, you should take into account that this fragrance is going to be part of your life. As well as choosing a pleasant smell, you should consider various other aspects too.

Home air fresheners that will give your home personality and a unique aromaNext, we leave you with a fe points to consider and help you to decide which products are the best buy for you:

  • Types of Diffuser

Air fresheners can be classified by the type of essence they contain and the products they use. Depending on the essence there are chemical air fresheners and air fresheners with natural ingredients. We suggest you find out a bit about the oils or chemical components in each scent, since some ingredients can be unhealthy for animals.

With regards to the format the most popular are as a room spray, as a candle, plug-in ones and fragrance diffusers with sticks. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of these is helpful when choosing which to buy.

  • Variety of fragrance

Although at the moment you may have a particular scent or a smell that you are really into, we do have a tendency to change our minds. For this reason AmbiPur is a great option as they have a diverse range of fragrances to choose from.

  • Refills

Refills are an important factor to bear in mind. If you choose a reusable air freshener, make sure you are able to find and buy a refill easily and that they are not too expensive.

  • Durability

As well as finding a pleasant smell for your home, durability is very important. Some air fresheners can be programmed to spray or release the scent into the room on a timer as you wish. This prevents waster and also help save a few pennies.

  • Design

Although your air freshener it is not an ornament we do of course want it to look pleasant. For this reason you may prefer to get a candle or diffuser stick freshener to help decorate your home and bring a little style to a room rather than a plastic plug-in.

The best Air fresheners that eliminate unpleasant smells

Best home air fresheners to eliminate bad odorsIn a single list, we have compiled the best air fresheners for neutralising any unpleasant smells and leaving you with a beautiful one that both you and those who visit your home will just love.

Air Wick Freshmatic

The Air Wick Freshmatic refillable Air Freshener offers a floral scent with hints of lily, rose and peonies that will give your home freshness and softness. You can get it in a spray format which is portable, allowing you to easily take it from one part of your home to another. It is also automatic and has three intensity levels so that you can regulate the amount of fragrance it uses. Each replacement can last up to 70 days.

Hamasy Humidifier Air Freshener

Hamasy is an essential oil diffuser. This type of air freshener is one of the most versatile. By simply adding water and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice, you can create a pleasant and fragrant smell in a matter of seconds. it's design is quite original and you can even use it as a bedside lamp.

Dark Cedar by H&M

Diffuser stick air fresheners are a current trend. These little air fresheners can fit into any corner of the house and add a little decoration, They come in a variety of fragrances too. This H&M model is particularly modern, elegant and very effective in eliminating and unpleasant smells.

Scented candles

A candle spreads pleasant aroma in the most traditional way. It is one of the most classic types of home air freshener and scent diffuser that will never go out of fashion. It is natural, aesthetic and anti-stress and you can get hold of them in most home related shops.

Home made air fresheners

Plants and flowers are a perfect example of home air fresheners. However, you can create your own personalised scent for your home by adding water, baking soda and drops of essential oil to a glass container. As a natural air freshener, you can also use orange peel and aromatic herbs.

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