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Summer 2021 hairstyles are fresh, carefree and original

The most popular summer hairstyles in 2021

All the trends of this 2021 are related to positivism, color and ease; designed to have fun. We already saw it with the summer nail trends and with sunglasses, so with hairstyles it was not going to be different.

These that we show you below are the hairstyles that are most worn this summer of 2021. They are super easy to do, fresh and suitable for all types of haircuts. You'll be ready and divine in less than 5 minutes!

Hairstyles for Summer 2021

Front Braids

Who hasn't worn the mythical front braids with her hair down when she was little? This sweet and easy-to-do hairstyle (just braid a strand from the front of each side of the hair) is back on the rampage.

It is a youthful, fresh and very comfortable hairstyle, since it removes the strands of hair from our faces. You can make a simple braid if you are in a hurry, or make a herringbone, root or even decorate it with beads (tucking them into the strands before braiding). As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

And do not be deterred by the fact that you were wearing them as a child, as it will give a casual and very cheerful touch to your look.

In summer it is best to opt for collected ones that do not give heat

Bubble ponytails

You may not fall for the name, but you have surely seen this hairstyle. Since last year, bubble ponytails are everywhere. And we are not surprised, because they are very cool and very, very original. Not to mention how simple it is to do them.

You simply have to make a ponytail and put rubber bands every 3 or 4 centimeters (more or less depending on the length of your hair). We recommend that you use the small silicone gummies that they sell in any bazaar or beauty store. To make the "bubble effect" more noticeable, once you have placed the gummies, hollow out the bands of hair that are between them by stretching them to the sides.

Hairstyles for 2021 stand out for being easy and quick to do

Curls with volume

After years of hegemony of straight hair and slightly wavy hair; the well-marked eighties curl is worn again. In this hairstyle your hair will look like never before, since the volume of these curls is very flattering.

It is carefree and groundbreaking, you will capture all eyes. And don't worry, because it doesn't take long to get this long hair. The trick is to put on some curlers before going to sleep, let them work for the whole night, and when you get up, you just have to take them off and adjust your hair.

If you don't have curlers at home, you can use long socks or stockings. Yeah yeah, how do you hear it! It is the latest trend in social media tutorials like Tik Tok. Take a stocking, put it in the middle of the head parallel to the forehead and let the same amount of stocking stick out on both sides. Roll the hair over the stocking, let it act overnight, and voila!

Curly manes with a lot of volume, eighties, are very fashionable

Collected with braids

Braids are more fashionable than ever. Not only the front braids that we have discussed previously, but all of them. They are very beautiful, elegant and are very comfortable since they do not pull the hair like ponytails or bows. Ideal to combine with boho chic outfits.

In addition, they offer endless possibilities, such as combining them in updos to add texture and make the hairstyle appear more elaborate. Get inspired by these that we show you below. Do you see how a simple updo and a simple ponytail look like hairstyles worthy of a red carpet if we add braids?

Braids in all their forms are the latest in hairstyles trends

High pigtails

The two high ponytails (like the ones you wore when you were a child) return this summer in their most chic version: not gathering all the hair, but leaving it loose and collecting only one section on each side.

To make it even cooler, let loose some front strands and gently wave the ends. It is perfect to give a casual touch to your look. And if you are more daring, turn the pigtails into buns, what a Japanese!

The two pigtails come back reinvented this year

Sixties ponytail

Surely more than once you have admired the ponytail of the talented singer Ariana Grande. It is its hallmark, and it gives it unmatched elegance and sophistication. This summer, dare to recreate it, because it is more fashionable than ever.

To do it, separate your mane in two and gather the lower part of the mane in a high ponytail, so that the upper part of the head is loose. Apply gel or wax to the scalp of the part that has been loose, comb it from the forehead to the back and pick it up. This way it will be completely polished, without any loose strands.

By putting one ponytail on top of the other, the volume will be much more pronounced. Finally, use an iron to mark the ends outwards and give the hairstyle a sixties touch.

Sixties ponytails like Ariana Grande's are very flattering


We hope you dare to recreate these summer hairstyles 2021. Ready to be the coolest in your day to day?

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