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Know the different types of hair that exist and the best treatments

Hair types and the Best Treatments

Hair care is essential in order to have healthy, shiny and smooth locks. Following healthy habits and choosing good quality products adapted to your hair type and aimed at treating specific problems such as hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp or excess oil, are key to taking proper care of it.

Are you not sure what your hair types is, or how to care for it? Don't worry, because here we tell you about different hair types, straight, curly and wavy hair and the most effective treatments for each type. Keep reading!

Straight hair

Unlike wavy or curly hair, straight hair is characterised by straight strands, that is often shiny, easy to style and often this type has little volume. One of the best things about this hair types is that it doesn't need heat from straighteners or a hairdryer to be able to comb through your hair and it does not tend to frizz easily. It does tend to get greasy much faster than other types of hair though and sometimes styling with curls can be harder to hold than with thicker hair with more texture.

To treat straight hair, you just have to buy suitable products that provide softness, shine, hydration and help prevent split ends. You can also apply a hydrating mask once a week or apply a natural oil just on the ends.

Curly hair

If there is a hair type that is characterised by being voluminous and abundant, that is the curly type! Stylist André Walker managed to classify curly hair as one of the most attractive and versatile, as long as your curls are cared for correctly.

If you have very strong "S" curls, you should use a product to constantly try to nourish and hydrate them to keep them strong and shiny. To do this, look for shampoos and conditioners for your type of hair, which contain vitamin C and natural oils. You can also use a cream product that helps define your curls and give them the best elasticity after washing.

Hair types and treatments to take care of each one of themWavy Hair

Wavy hair is characterised by having a smooth root and curls that are poorly defined and with little volume. Sometimes the upper area can become frizzy, so it is advisable to use shampoos that, in addition to hydrating the hair fibre, eliminate frizz and leave strands of hair soft and silky.

For wavy hair type opt for a product to help you shape and style your waves and use a serum or styling oil on the ends so that they look hydrated. If your hair is unruly, you can apply a styling cream or fixing mousse.

Normal hair

This is one of the most desired type of hair, since it does not require so much care. It is normal, natural hair that does not need too much style and texture adding and it doesn't need intensive treatments because it is strong, bouncy, shiny and has movement.

If you have normal hair, the best way to care for it is to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to keep it healthy. Also, try to avoid washing it too often.

Hair types and tips to care for them correctlyDry hair

The lack of sebum on the scalp is the main characteristic of dry hair. It is a difficult type of hair to maintain because it requires a lot of hydration and tends to frizz easily when there is a lot of humidity in the environment.

The best way to treat it is by using moisturising products made from avocado and almond oil, applying a nourishing mask once a week and occasionally massaging the scalp to increase sebum production.

We recommend that you avoid: the constant use of hair dyes or chemical products that can break the cuticle of the hair, combing it when it is wet and the excessive use of the dryer or the hair straighteners.

Oily hair

Unlike dry hair, oily hair types are characterised by having sebaceous glands that produce excess sebum. This causes it to become dirty more quickly than other types of hair and it needs to be washed more frequently.

As it is a difficult hair type to maintain, the best way to take care of it is to counteract the sebum secretion in the following way: buy specific products for oily hair, such as shampoos, conditioners, masks and hair lotions. Avoid hydrating oil-based masks and opt for products that are not creamy or contain silicone.

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