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The best gifts for 15-year-old girls

Gifts for 15-year-old girls - 8 original ideas

If you have a teenager at home and her special day is approaching, pay attention because we bring you some original gift ideas for fifteen year old girls to make sure you get it right on their birthday or at Christmas.

Clothes to set trends

Every teenager likes to be fashionable and look fantastic. So a great idea is to buy her a complete new outfit which she can wear on her birthday and will be the envy of all her friends. It is a gift that is really personalised which girls always love in gifts. You can get just one or two items or go the whole hog with coats, blouses, dresses, pants or even a bag.  A personalised present like this makes the perfect birthday or even Christmas gift and will set the tone for fashion in their year ahead so beware!


Books will always be a special gift for a girl in love with reading. Currently on the market there is a wide variety of books and novels ideal for fifteen year old girls like "The Hunger Games", currently popular is "A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story" or the ever popular fantasy like "Harry Potter". There are also plenty of interesting non fiction for girls. Again a well chosen book is a personalised gift any girl will love.

A beauty Set

Definitely, a beauty set is one of the best gifts you can give a fifteen year old girl.  The best beauty set is one that includes various new products. It could include a makeup set (with different shades of shadows, blushes and powders), a set of brushes and skin treatments or for hair. Amazon selection of gifts such as these.

Original ideas and perfumes to give to a 15-year-old girlPersonalised Gifts

Giving a personalised present is an original and fun idea. You could give a basket full of her favourite sweets where there is a huge balloon with her name, a mug with a funny or cute phrase that makes her smile and even a T-shirt designed especially for her with the face of her idol, or something that makes her happy like a character from her favourite movie or cartoon.

Led Lamp

At 15 years old a number of girls and boys spend time in their room watching a movie, studying or reading books at night. One of the best new gifts is a soft led or even a lava lamp. Led strips that stick to the furniture or the wall, are ideal to give a beautiful and romantic touch to your room, making it your favourite corner of the house and easy to fall asleep.


Cameras are another of the most popular gifts for 15 year old girls. If you get her a camera she will be able to take photos and keep memories of trips, time with friends and family. It makes a great way to spend time and they can also enjoy making a collage.  A camera with bluetooth, wifi or USB will surely get more than one smile. Best options include an underwater GoPro or a Polaroid camera with which you will have your photos instantly and in a very vintage format to decorate the wall of your room.

A Diary

At 15 years old many girls want a personal notebook to write each of their experiences and adventures. This makes a personalised gift that girls will love to use regularly. you can also make a personalised journal for them to fill in with photos already inside. There are infinite models , but surely any of them will win over your birthday girl or easy online options again Amazon makes gifts easy.

Best gifts for original 15 year old girlsPerfumes recommended for 15 year old girls

Perfumes can make any teenage girl feel fresh, sweet and brave at the same time. Gifts that match your friend or family members personality makes a great present for birthday or Christmas again as it is personalised.

Bamboo by Gucci

An ideal perfume to infuse any room with a fresh and feminine scent. It is perfect for fifteen year old girls, as its exquisite scent made with notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood denotes elegance and determination. In short, Bamboo by Gucci (DIVAIN-566) makes the perfect gift for young teenage girls.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

The white flower scent of Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana (DIVAIN-158) is synonymous with youthful elegance. It is a gift that fits like a glove to the most conceited 15 year olds.

Candy by Prada

This makes the perfect autumn perfume, it denotes passion, vitality and energy, words that perfectly define a young teenage girl. Scented with caramel, powdery notes, musk, vanilla and benzoin, Candy by Prada (DIVAIN-116) will delight anyone.

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