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Discover the different types of earrings that exist for men and women

Types of earrings. Learn how to differentiate them

The world of jewellery has developed with fashion and there are now and multitude of accessories and jewellery adapted to suit everyone's style and personality.
In this blog article we fill you in on the different types of earrings for both men and women. Choosing the earrings that suit your look, style and face shape will now be much easier so read on!

Types of earrings for women

Types of earrings and most common types of closureToday earrings are an essential accessory for modern women. The most common are the following:

Stud earrings

Studs are the minimalist of all the styles and usually sit in the middle of the earlobe. They can be both smart and casual and are a nice understated and classic style. These earrings typically use a snap closure. The stud earrings can also be used in the cartilage at the top of the ear as well as other areas of the face.

Hoop earrings

Hoops, or loops, were traditionally a simply circular wire loop in the shape of a circle or hoop, hence the name. Now however these types of earrings are often made in different styles and hoop can now be square, star or even heart shaped. The fit simply through the earlobe with a fastening on the back like studs and voila!

Dangle earrings

These are the more elegant type of earring used more often with evening wear. You can find both drop earrings that tend to move less but hang slightly under the ear or more elongated styles like the Candelabra type. This earring style is really in fashion, but you should know how to combine it with your outfit and hair styles to ensure a stylish look. These earrings can either hook through your piercing or be fastened like studs.

Types of ear piercings

There are now many different types of ear piercing that can be located in different areas of the ear.
  • Helix piercings.
  • Anti-tragus and tragus piercings. This last piercing consists of a piercing in the cartilage that protrudes from the ear. This can be very colourful and modern.
  • Snug or Anti-helix piercings. Running along the anti-helix of the ear
  • Conch piercing. In the middle section of back of the ear
  • Daith and the rook. Not many dare try these no lobe piercings as both can be quite painful.

Learn to differentiate the types of ear studs out thereTypes of men's earrings

Of course it is not only women that enjoy decorating their ears, guys also enjoy this trend. Among the earrings most used by men, three styles stand out:

Hoop earrings

This is the first and perhaps most used in past times of men's earrings. Pierced and placed on the ear lobe this is a simple small loop. This type of earring is usually made in 925 sterling silver or yellow gold.

Shiny stud earrings

These are the most popular earring used by men today. Sitting on the earlobe with an easy stud closure these can include some impressive and striking stones. They are very common among footballers and models. An example of this is David Beckham among others.


Plugs are quite radical and usually the most daring opt for this type of earring which consists of gradually stretching the hole in the ear with an expander until it has the desired size leaving an opening in the stretched earlobe.

Types of closures

Earrings can also be classified by the type of closure they have. The best known are the following:

Omega clasp earrings:

The omega closure, named since the closure of the earring on the back of the earlobe is representative of the omega in the Greek alphabet. One of the best closures, it ensures a firm attachment of the earring to the earlobe.

Stud earrings

This is the most common of the earring closures. The back of the stud earring is colloquially called a butterfly, which snaps into the earring and fastens it to the ear lobe.

Catalan closing earrings

The Catalan closure is similar to studs, with the difference that it uses a sprung lever that snaps into place with a small hole to keep it secure on the ear lobe.

Hook clasp Earrings

The hook closure or also known as the hippie closure, is a fairly simple mechanism that consists of a kind of hook that is simply fed through ear piercing and holds the earring in place with it simply hanging or dangling. This is most frequently used for dangle or drop earrings with some length.
As you can see, there are many types of earrings and closures to choose from. having read this article you are now well informed to look for the specific shape or closure that you want next time you are looking fo the perfect earring to compliment your jewellery.
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