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Colours (and perfumes) that are in style for Spring/Summer 2019

Colours (and perfumes) that are in style for Spring/Summer 2019

If you want to be definitely up to date, you need to understand what colours are in style for each season. For that, you’re in the perfect place!

The most recognized authority on trendy colours is the Pantone Institute, which has now published its planner for Spring/Summer 2019. And it is spectacular!

Vibrant colours, full of life and of light, just the thing for when it starts to get hot.

But at Divain we go one step further: choose your colour for this season, and we look for the ideal perfume, so that you’ll have the perfect aroma for every look.

What do the stylish colours of Pantone for 2019 smell like?

Although the Pantone planner is broad, we have chosen the colours that stand out the most and are the most cheerful, to give spring the welcome it deserves: with a party for all the senses!

  • Pantone Fiesta (E17-1564) is a festive red orange which radiates energy, passion and emotion, like our perfume DIVAIN-121, similar to Aire Loco by Loewe. A song to the joy of living so that you can celebrate every minute that you breathe!
  • Pantone Pink Peacock (18-2045) is a dramatic and seductive tone that ends up being a feast for your eyes. Combine it with the surprising and passionate aroma of DIVAIN-572, similar to Bloom by Gucci and you’ll be sure the day will end incredibly well.
  • Pantone Mango Mojito (15-0960) is a golden yellow tone perfect for searching for pleasant and pleasing moments that have the smell of citrus, of laughter and of summer, like DIVAIN-139, similar to Ô by Lancome. These are the memories that are worth making! Don’t lose even one!

Have you chosen your colour to premiere for spring 2019?

We have chosen for you the best colours from this year’s report.

Now, it’s up to you to pick the colour and the scent that you will add to your life. Do you have a favourite already?

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