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Discover the best classic hairstyles for men in the recent decades

11 Classic Hairstyles for Men

An important part of any outfit or men’s look is their hair style since it can bring style and edge to any haircut expressing personality.

Choosing suitable haircuts is key to looking good and to help you we have created a list of the 11 best classic haircuts for men. These have survived the passage of time are now fashionably famous. Read on to find out more!

1. Long Pompadour

Quiffs or comb backs for men were one of the most famous hairstyles of the 1950s that will never fade. This style involved raising the top layers of hair as much as possible creating a kind of crest with the length. The Pompadour was very popular with fans of rock from the 50's, better known as Rockabilly.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

Appropriately named after this famous actor, known foremost for Brokeback Mountain, this hairstyle is a great cut for easy maintenance. The style is cut purely with scissors, the top part long and the side short and brushed back with a little hair wax.

3. The Comb back

An infallible classic haircut is the comb back. It looks smart and is easy to style, you just need a lot of wax or gel to get the long part to stay back! There are two versions of this look, one for short hairstyles and one for long length hair. This style was very common among intellectual men of the time such as Giulio Carlo Argan.

4. Shaven sides with stubble

Having short hair with shaved at the side and a slight comb back quiff at the front is one of the most hairstyles in hipster fashion. Complementing this with a bit of stubble creates a very classic and masculine look.

Classic men's hairstyles to look like big stars like Elvis Presley

5. Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds makes an appearance on this list of the best haircuts for men thanks to his classic hair with modern waves. Ryan is styled with short back and sides and a well defined parting leaving some length so that the top part of the hair can be loosely tousled with some volume, but without being a quiff.

6. Pompadour Textured

Sometimes it is just not enough to show off your best quiff, you need to show it off with refined style. The textured pompadour is a hairstyle that combines a raised hair with textured waves or a glossy finish. This type of cut was made fashionable back in the day by Johnny Cash.

7. Orlando Bloom

Another celebrity responsible for trend setting with his hairstyles. Orland’s well known haircut is characterized by it's length with wavy layers and styled in part with conditioner and jojoba to give his hair volume and control. A little textured wax and voila, you will have one of the best hairstyles for summer.

8. Messy pompadour

This style was made fashionable by none other than Elvis Presley. This rocker wore a messy pompadour hairstyle that gave him great a great look and personality, while making him look like a bad boy.

The Long Pompadour is a very popular classic men's hairstyle

9. Frank Sinatra and his combined style

Another of the best classic cuts for men is that worn by the great Sinatra, and which stood out for mixing two styles in one. It involved short back and texturing the hair on top, thus giving it much greater style and formality, this was very typical of the American singer who's music will never fade away.

10.Classic cuts for very curly hair

Having frizzy hair can make choosing a hairstyle somewhat difficult due to unruly curls. A slightly square haircut along with a bit of light volume on top part is a great choice. This hair cut is easy to style and won't make your hair look out of control!

11. Chris Patt

Famous for playing Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, actor Chris Patt has brought a classic among classics to the ring, which is perfect for men suffering from hair loss. All you need to do is incur the top layers are longer than the sides to create the illusion of having more hair!
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