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The properties of shea butter are wonderful and very beneficial

Discover the wonderful properties of shea butter

The cult of body care is more and more widespread in our society, and if it is done with natural products, even more so. Shea butter is one of the products that cannot be missing from the dressing table of every self-respecting lover of natural cosmetics. A real treasure that we want to discover in today's article. So read on to find out all about shea butter and its wonderful properties!


What is shea butter and what are its properties?

Pure Shea butter is the fat obtained from the nut of the Vitellaria Paradoxus tree, commonly known as the Shea tree, a tree up to 15 meters tall found in the western savannas of the African continent. Shea means "butter tree", something that perfectly defines this product.

This excellent butter can come in two forms, pure or refined.

Natural cosmetics are the best option to take care of our skin

Pure shea butter has a yellowish ivory color and its smell is similar to that of smoked walnut, which can be annoying for some people. Also, its consistency is solid. However, refined (i.e. already treated) shea butter lacks its natural aroma and is white, which makes it more attractive to the consumer. But of course, it is not as effective and beneficial as the pure one, since many of its bioactive nutrients are significantly reduced.

Whether in its pure or refined state, shea butter stands out for having numerous beneficial properties for our body. Among them we highlight the following:

Super Moisturizing: Few products hydrate your skin or hair like pure shea butter does. Its assets are very well absorbed by the epidermis, which allows the skin to appear much more flexible and healthy.

High nutritional power: Thanks to its richness in vitamins of group A, D, E and F.

Instantly protects and calms the dermis, due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties, shea butter is ideal to protect the skin from adverse weather conditions and is a powerful soothing agent against burns caused by the sun or other elements.

Excellent regenerating and healing. It also regenerates damaged skin and helps wounds heal quickly, preventing marks.

What is shea butter for?

As you can guess after reading the properties of shea butter, it is excellent to use in the field of beauty and natural cosmetics. We are going to see some of its most frequent applications.


Shea butter for face and skin

The great regenerative power of shea butter makes it ideal to combat the signs of aging. And these are of particular concern to the face, which is why their presence in facial creams and masks is becoming more and more frequent. Its high nourishing and moisturizing power delays skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. It also gives it elasticity and flexibility.

It is also perfect for hydrating our body daily after showering, relieving redness, scars, cold irritated areas such as chapped lips (goodbye to the suffering of cut lips!) Or even to use as an after shave, thus relieving the annoying sensation of irritation that remains after shaving.

Shea butter for nails

The benefits of shea butter for nail care are also noticeable. Its active ingredients make it a balm that intensely nourishes and protects nails, preventing them from flaking and breaking. In addition, it also keeps the cuticles hydrated and prevents inflammation of the skin that surrounds them.

Shea butter vitamins are the perfect supplement for your daily beauty routine

Shea butter for hair

Shea butter is the best ally for hair care. Especially if it is damaged by heat or if it is very dry. It will nourish you and give you strength and shine instantly.

Applying it is very simple. Just take some pure shea butter and cover it with the warmth of your hands. Once it is creamy, apply it to dry hair from medium to ends and leave it on for 30 minutes to 1 hour (the longer it remains on the hair, the more nutrients it will absorb).

We hope that after discovering all the benefits and benefits of shea butter, you will be encouraged to try it and incorporate it into your life. We recommend that you start by purchasing already treated products that have it among their components and that, once you see the magnificent results it provides and become fond of it, you choose to buy shea butter in its pure state and make your own masks.

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