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The best personalized gifts you can give on Father's Day

The best personalized gifts for Father's Day

When we are close to Father's Day, the million dollar question assails us: "And what do I give you now!" For this reason, we want to illustrate you with some ideas so that you do not limit yourself to giving a common gift, but that it is super special. And you can only achieve that if you follow our advice and give him one of the personalized Father's Day gifts that we propose below. Take note!

Perfumes to give on Father's Day

One of the most personalized gifts that exist in this world are perfumes, don't you think? And is that each smell transmits completely different sensations and memories. So, if you give a perfume for Father's Day, you will be giving him everything that evokes you and what he transmits to you in a small bottle. Nice, right?

These are some of the perfumes for men that you may like the most, according to the male archetypes that exist today, according to the study "Mentamorphosis" prepared by the marketing consultancy "El Departamento".

Five ideas with which you will succeed on Father's Day


Hugo Boss Boss Bottled perfume (DIVAIN-023) is the ideal perfume for a man characterized by the “Neoclassical” archetype. We explain ourselves, these are men with a strong and practical character, whose priority is their family. They are also men who are proud of their values, who value quality and authenticity.

If with this definition, you see your father, this classic and elegant aroma, but fresh and modern, is the ideal perfume for him.


This natural and fresh fragrance, but with great personality and strength, is ideal for men known as "Sexyuppies", who are those who have the maximum effort in their lives and work from sunrise to sunset. They love to look good and always show their best face.

Does your father belong to this group? Well, L’Eau de Issey by Issey Miyake (DIVAIN-029) will enchant you.


If your dad is a full-fledged gym junkie and wants to achieve mind-body balance by feeling just as good on the inside as he is on the outside, he is what is now called a "Spornosexual" man.

A sophisticated, independent and strong man who accentuates his sensuality with scents like Lacoste pour Homme de Lacoste (DIVAIN-026).


Does your father take advantage of every free minute to seek some new experience? He is creative and curious, cultured and above all, one of those who cannot stop for a minute still? He then he enters the archetype of man "Mamboh". And such a dynamic personality must be covered by an equally energetic perfume, such as Bleu de Chanel (DIVAIN-200).


The men called “SuperDaddys” are the happiest with family. Being parents is their vocation, they are sensitive, practical and know how to enjoy the simplest moments and things, because they know that they are the really important ones.

For them, their ideal perfume is Pleasures For Men by Estée Lauder (DIVAIN-278).

A perfume or a culinary experience make great gifts for your father


For young, close and accessible parents we propose PI de Givenchy (DIVAIN-286), as it is as optimistic and serene as the aura that these men transmit, the so-called “Mupp”.

Always smiling, spirited and energetic, wanting to make a thousand plans and take over the world with his children.

Crafts for Father's Day

The personalized gift for Father's Day par excellence is a craft. And we are not referring to the typical macaroni card that you made when you were little, but a personalized photo album, a mug with your names or some funny phrase or design a funny t-shirt that you wear very proud on your walks on weekends. week.

A getaway is also a very personalized Father's Day gift

Beach, mountain, city ...? This gift is very flexible and versatile since you can choose the destination completely according to your tastes or hobbies. You will create unbeatable moments together and you will also give him time with you, quality time. And that is the most precious thing in this world.

A gastronomic experience

If you are a lover of good cuisine, do not hesitate: bet on a gastronomic experience in a restaurant that you really want to know. And if it is with good views, better than better! Prepare a surprise menu with the restaurant for you to live a gastro experience in all its splendor.

And if you are home-made and one of those who prefers to enjoy a good beer on the couch, choose to give them a kit of craft beers. You will love it!

A cultural route, a very original gift

And why not a cultural route? It is a very original and special Father's Day gift. You can prepare an alternative route through the most in art galleries of the city, and finish off the visit with an aperitif in a hotel or restaurant with traveling exhibitions of emerging artists. You will make him live a unique and unforgettable experience.

So you already know. If you want to win the “Best Child of the Year” diploma, choose one of the options that we have proposed. The fundamental thing is to make the most of this special day and surprise him with the best gift!

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