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Discover the benefits of black garlic and its health benefits

Black Garlic - What is it and what are it’s benefits

Black garlic has gained such popularity in recent years due to its health benefits that it has become one of the most fashionable new ingredients used in recipes by professional chefs and by herbalists and health food shops as supplements due to its antioxidant effects on the body.

Black garlic is made by subjecting traditional garlic to a process of chemical known as the Maillard reaction. To achieve this reaction and colour the garlic must be kept for an entire month at a constant temperature of between between 65ºC - 80ºC . Amongst it's many benefits, black garlic is known to keep our heart healthy. If you are intrigued read then this article will tell you all you need to know so read on!

Benefits of black garlic that make it one of the most used superfoods in cooking recipes

What is black garlic for?

Black garlic is an ingredient that began to be used for medicinal and health purposes hundreds of years ago. The interesting and healthy benefits of this superfood are derived largely from its raw material, traditional white garlic.

Thanks to its fermentation process it changes colour and some of its characteristics that give positive health benefits such as its antioxidant properties, are enhanced. The taste of the new black garlic is also an improvement over the classic white garlic which is somewhat strong and unpleasant.

Most of the benefits of this 'new' black garlic lie in the fact that it has essential amino acids and antioxidants. In addition, it contains a high content of other essential nutrients to help keep your body in good health, such as vitamins (including B1, B2 and B3 and vitamin C ) and various minerals.

Properties of black garlic

The ability to strengthen the immune system is one of the benefits of black garlicBenefits of black garlic

In addition to its milder and non-repeating taste, the effects of black garlic on our health may be the reason why this food has become so popular in various new recipes.
  • Its ability to strengthen the immune system help defensive cells is one of the main properties of black garlic. It can help prevent colds and can protect against all kinds of infectious diseases.
  • Black garlic is also has a high phenols content, specifically S-Allyl-Cysteine ​​(SAC), which are strong antioxidants. This reduces oxidative stress in our body by neutralising free radicals that cause cellular ageing.
  • Although some studies reveal that white garlic is more beneficial than black due to it's antioxidant levels and therefore high anti-inflammatory capacity, black garlic is still very useful in terms of controlling levels of inflammation within the body.
  • The properties of black garlic give it a hepatoprotective role. This menas, it can protect the liver from injury and helps it heal if it has suffered damage.
  • Another of its great health benefits is that it protects the cardiovascular system by reducing blood pressure, preventing the onset of cardiovascular diseases and improving blood circulation making garlic fantastic for heart health.
  • It helps control cholesterol levels, bringing the ratio between the amount of HDL and LDL back to normal levels.


Black garlic is a natural food, which comes directly from a common fermentation process. Due to this black garlic does not have particularly pronounced contraindications or side effects on health.
As with all foods however, if you have doubts it is preferable to contact your doctor directly. Some of the contraindications of black garlic are:
  • In addition to all its amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it is a product with a high iodine content. Therefore, if you have problems with the thyroid it is better that you avoid it.
  • Black garlic reduces blood pressure, so it is not recommended to take it before undergoing surgical procedures.
  • No evidence has been found that pregnant women and babies should not have it however, it is always better not to over do it and consult your doctor.
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