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Stylish and popular perfumes by Tom Ford for men and women

The best Tom Ford perfumes for men and women

Tom Ford is one of the names of the moment in the world of fashion and perfumes. His creations are sweeping the world, and it is no wonder. Perfumes with character, high voltage and a unique design, perfect for men and women who want to exude style and class. Read on to discover his most in demand perfumes.

The story of the most versatile perfume designer

Texan Tom Ford, current fashion designer and film director, knew in his teens that his dream was to study the history of art. In fact, he began studying it at New York University. Little by little he became aware that his true passion was fashion.

His work for 'Gucci' saved them from bankruptcy and established it as a multi-million dollar company. He is currently embarking on a renovation project for luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent. At the moment, Mr Ford is also achieving very good results for YSL.

This is a resume with some jobs and achievements at the level of very few fashion designers of current times. Tom Ford stands out for his work as well as for his daring gift of improvement and innovation.

The most outstanding fragrances of Tom Ford

Tom Ford has a wide collection of perfumes.  Some of them rank highly in the list of most in demand perfumes by customers.  His success lies in the wide variety of fragrances available as well as them being clearly distinguished from each other and perfect for varying occasions.

Black Orchid, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-542)

Tom Ford's Black Orchid perfume is the perfect complement for any stylish ladies evening. Its heart of fruity notes give the perfect touch to winter nights.

Perfume for Women Tom Ford Black Orchid

Oud Wood, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-305)

The Oud Wood fragrance for men and women stands out for its oriental woody essence family with oud wood, Brazilian rosewood, cardamom, pepper and vanilla among others. Perfect for informal occasions.

Tom Ford perfume for him Oud Wood

Tobacco Vanille, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-196)

This fragrance is not suitable for everyone. Its heart of tobacco flower, tonka bean and vanilla make it a select perfume. Tobacco Vanille is a perfect perfume companion for a night full of luxury.

Unisex perfume by Tom Ford

Noir, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-304)

Noir is a men's perfume that belongs to the Cyprus olfactory family. A long-lasting fragrance, with top notes of Saffron make it the best ally for long-term appointments. Also perfect for informal situations.

Men's fragrance by Tom Ford Noir

Noir Extrême, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-295)

Noir Extrême is synonymous with going one step further. This masculine fragrance will not let you go unnoticed anywhere. Its top notes of nutmeg, mandarin and cardamom will definitely attract some attention.

Mens perfume Noir extreme by Tom Ford

Ombré Leather, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-250)

Style and class are synonymous with Ombré Leather. Its heart of Jasmine and leather place it well as a complement to the sensuality of the most demanding men. Using this fragrance is the easiest way to discover what luxury smells like.

Unisex perfume by Tom Ford Ombre leather

Tuscan Leather, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-639)

Tuscan Leather is characterized by its extremely long lasting scent. It is a unisex fragrance from the Leather essence family and contains hints of saffron, raspberry and thyme and base notes of wood and leather.

Unisex fragrance by Tom Ford Tuscan leather

Neroli Portofino, by Tom Ford (DIVAIN-560)

Neroli Portofino will take you directly to Italy. Scents directly brought from the Italian Riviera. Crystal clear waters, nature and freedom. Its notes of lemon, mandarin, lavender and rosemary, among others, make this fragrance your best ally for Summer events.

Unisex Fragrance Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford perfect fro Summer

In addition to these outstanding fragrances, the Tom Ford collection goes much further. Other not so well known names like Soleil Blanc or Velvet Orchid are a perfect fit for the summer months. They are soft, fresh fragrances that combine well and trigger sensuality.

Metallique, Lost Cherry, Orchid Soleil or White Patchouli are great options to accompany you in both your most luxurious  events as well as your more relaxed meet ups bit is business or pleasure. The only problem you will have when choosing your Tom Ford perfume is which one should it be that accompanies you?

If you want to discover other Tom Ford perfumes or need any additional information about any of them, go to: https://divainparfums.com/collections/tom-ford. Where you can find something for every occasion.

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